9/11 and Bearing Witness
for Peace in Brisbane, October 2001

Peacebus was preparing to bear witness outside the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting which was to have taken place in SouthBank, Brisbane, Australia, on 6 October 2001.

A big anti-globalisation mobilisation was underway and there were many who feared that the protests would be violent. Police feared it from the protestors and the protestors, with the experience of s11 and M1 behind them, feared it from the Queensland Police.

Peacebus had joined up with the Global Justice Alliance, a network of Lismore based organisations and individuals who came together to collaborate for the CHOGM protests.

Peacebus captain, Graeme Dunstan, undertook police liaison on behalf of the GJA.

But the September 11 demolition of the NY World Trade Centre changed a few things.

CHOGM was cancelled and Peacebus and the GJA redirected their organising efforts towards participating in a peace rally that took place in Brisbane instead of CHOGM, the March for Peace and Justice.

So it was that as  US President Bush beat up a so-called War on Terrorism and Australian Prime Minister Howard leapt to improve his election chances by signing up for the war, Peacebus set about building a grass roots movement for peace.

Here are links to text and pictures which tell the story of the adventures of Peacebus, September - October 2001.

Report of the People's March for Peace and Justice 6 Oct 01

The Call to be Visible for Peace 3 Oct 01

The Global Justice Alliance Carnivale 29 September 2001

Letter to an Editor 23 September 2001

Letter to the QLD Police 20 September 2001


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