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Media Release 2 December 2012

Eureka Australia Day Medals honour
community activists

  Motorists rounding the Bakery Hill roundabout tomorrow morning will see a uniquely Australian ceremony talking place: the annual Eureka Australia Day Medal presentations.

from 9.30 am Monday 3 December 2012
at Bakery Hill, Ballarat

The Awards are made by the Anarchist Media Institute to recognise people who have given exceptional service in the spirit of the Eureka Oath fighting to defend rights and liberties.

"In a time and in a country of manufactured, celluloid, self-centred, celebrity seeking heroes, Eureka Australia Day Medals recognise the authentic stuff, the true service of the unsung heroes," said Dr Joe Toscano spokesperson for AMI.

"When you add the years these people have given to the community and the country for no financial reward over decades, the total is 215 years."

Joan Rooke Posthumously - Nurse, mother, partner, community activist who weathered the worst of the Bjelke-Peterson era and continued political, social and community activity for over 40 years.

Peter Riley - Foundation member new Industrial Workers of the World in Australia, union, community and political activist for over 40 years. Involved in numerous political struggles in Victoria, Western Australia, Queensland and Great Britain. Member of the Wednesday Action Group, broadcaster, father, partner.

Sharon Firebrace - Broadcaster/Melbourne 3KND. Indigenous and community activist for over 40 years. Originally came from New South Wales, now lives in Victoria. Continues to be at the forefront of radical indigenous struggles in Australia. Mother to be, community and political activist.

Loretta O’Brien - Courageous, devoted activist for over 20 years. Although in poor health took over management of Community Radio Station 3CR during last critical few years.

Bill Deller - Independent Marxist who has been involved in workplace and community struggles around Australia for over 45 years. Partner and father. Broadcaster on Community Radio 3CR. One of the more astute political activists this country has produced.

Michael Smith - Living treasure at 3CR, humble hard working over 30 years experience with community activism. 3CR Broadcaster, a 3CR stalwart who almost single handily has provided the technical assistance for numerous outside broadcasts.

Further information
Dr Joe Toscano 0439 395 489

Ballarat Courier 2 December 2012 Page 3 photo story

Cardboard bust of Major General Michael Krause AM to burn 4am Monday 3 December 2012 to commemorate the 158th anniversary of the Eireka rebellion. Media Release 30 November 2012

Inter-operative Traitor to burn at Eureka Dawn

A cardboard effigy of Major General Michael Krause AM, Head Implementation Team US Force Posture Review for the Department of Defence and as such, door opener for the deployment of the US Marines in Darwin, will burn at first light by the Eureka Memorial on Monday 3 December

Effigy maker Graeme Dunstan, a long time organiser of Eureka commemorations in Ballarat reckons MajGen Krause an apt target for the ire of Eureka spirit 158 years after the suppression of the Eureka Stockade.

For Mr Dunstan, Krause is like the benighted Governor Hotham and Gold Commissioner Rede, all men in uniform, doing their duty and, heads in clouds and regardless of consequences, enthusiastically betraying the rights and liberties of Australians past, present and future.

"Without any agreement from the people, without any consultation with the people of Darwin or any Parliamentary debate, MajGen Krause has allowed a foreign army to occupy Australian soil and an Australian army base," said Mr Dunstan who was in Darwin during July-August campaigning against the US Marine presence.

Mr Dunstan, a former Duntroon drop out and an organiser for Stand Fast, the national network of veterans and ex service people against the Iraq and Afghan wars, salutes MajGen Krause as likely the most successful Australian career officer of the Afghan war period.

In 2011 he was Deputy Chief of Staff (Plans) HQ ISAF Joint Command in Afghanistan which means he was coordinating the "industrial scale" capture and kill operations by Nato special forces.

"These 3 am door kick down house invasions and the associated abduction, torture in US black sites and murder, stripped tribal Afghan of all rights and liberties and protection of the law," notes Dunstan.

"But as an active service career moment, an Australian general could go no higher," said Mr Dunstan. "This is interoperability as its most evolved and MajGen Krause is the very model of a modern major general."

"A former ADF liaison officer at the US Marine Corps Quantico base in Virginia, MaJGen Krause returned the favour last April by hosting the first rotation of 200 Marines at Darwin's Robertson Barracks, home of 1st Brigade of which he was a former commander.

MajGen Krause resigned from the ADF on 23 November.

Photo opportunity - Cardboard effigy on display
5pm Friday 30 November
Eureka Memorial,
cnr Eureka and Stawell Streets, Ballarat

Further information
Graeme Dunstan, 0407 951 688 Media release 26 November 2012
Dr Joe Toscano 0439 395 489

A work in progress: cardboard bust of Major General Michael Krause AM

Media Release 26 November 2012

Remembering the Blood Sacrifice of Eureka

At dawn on 3 December a lantern lit vigil will assemble at the Eureka Memorial in Ballarat, remember the subjugation of the Eureka rebellion 158 years ago and honour the blood sacrifice which gave birth to liberal democracy in this land.

This annual dawn this rite is no tourism promo by the City or the Chamber of Commerce. Rather this public remembrance is of and by the people, pure anarchy in its classical sense.

Dr Joe Toscano of the Anarchist Media Institute is the master of ceremonies and lead story teller.

A historian of the kind PM Howard's culture wars were aimed to suppress and marginalise, Dr Joe is also a medical practitioner and a broadcaster on Radio 3CR, from where his popular weekly Anarchist Hour is broadest nationally on community radio.

Twelve years ago Dr Joe came to Ballarat for Eureka Dawn commemoration at the Eureka Memorial and found himself alone; for tourism reasons the City had chosen to celebrate Eureka on the closest Sunday.

For eleven years now Dr Joe has been organising 3 December Eureka remembrances and they have grown both in numbers attending (30-50 coming from far and wide which is 10 times what any other Eureka commemoration event currently attracts in Ballarat.  and in program.

The Eureka Dawn vigil now includes the ceremonial burning of a cardboard effigy depicting this season's would-0be oppressors of rights and liberties, sculptured by long term peace activist, Graeme Dunstan, of Eureka Dawn Walk lantern fame.

Dawn rites are followed by a Eureka Breakfast at Eureka Memorial Hall, a March to Bakery Hill, a presentation of Eureka Medals, a Eureka flag raising outside Town Hall, a graveside remembrance at the Old Ballarat Cemetery, a flag viewing at the Ballarat Fine Art Gallery and a Eureka Memorial Dinner at the Eureka Hotel.

Further information
Dr Joe Toscano 0439 395 489
Graeme Dunstan 0407 951 688
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