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The decision to invite the US Marines to base themselves in Darwin is a serious compromise of Australian sovereignty and a threat to our national security. It literally brings war to our doorstep.

In January 2012 while camped at the Aboriginal Tent Embassy in Canberra, Peacebus captain, Graeme Dunstan, resolved to go to Darwin during June, July, August and organise some grass roots community resistance to the occupation.

The overall goal of the Mission was to deport the Marines and end the US-Australia Alliance. We want peace and prosperity in the Pacific and armed neutrality for Australia.

It was a long journey and like all long journeys, it began with first steps and it furthered with perseverance.

And like all great culture shifting projects that have gone before, the Mission extended its influence through friendliness and community building, through bold occupations of public place and artful occupations of public imagination.

From kindness to kindness it went, totally dependent on the help and generosity of friends. Over $2,500 was raised to get Peacebus to Darwin and fund the camapign.

Best he could, Graeme recorded the Mission's progress with blogs. Index below.

dear Peace Making friends
The appeal statement for the Mission to Darwin, 16 May 2012

The art of peace making
in a time of permanent war

Being a description of the modus operandi
of and its Mission to Darwin, 22 May 2012

Few but visible @ the gates of Lavarack Barracks
The launch of the Peacebus Mission to Darwin
at Lavarack Barracks, Townsville, 5 June 2012

Gammin on Arrival
Being an account of the arrival in Darwin
of the Peacebus Mission to deport the US Marines
from Robertson Barracks and from Australian soil, 22 June 2012

4 July - Independence from the USA Day
Being an account of the Peacebus action at Robertson Barracks 4 July 2012
and the flightiness of the Darwin Press Club,
with reflections on prophetic voice, the SAS as a cult of assassins,
the efficacy of flag making and a dog's life. Posted 21 July 2012

dear friends and benefactors
Parting report on the Peacebus Mission to Darwin 2012 written 31 August 2012 .

A Postcard from Darwin
written for Washington's Institute for Policy Studies
Foreign Policy In Focus, 2 September 2012

Mission to Darwin Peacebus mural design courtesy Softly Dunstan of Mighty Nice.


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