PM Gillard, widowmaker

This written in anger at the endless lies of endless war,
a curse upon PM Gillard who perpetuates the lies.
Written on the road from Darwin to Ballarat, 30 August 2012

A SAS Blackhawk is downed in Afghanistan, likely by ground fire, killing two. Three trainers are killed by a trainee demonstrating the stealth and cunning of the best of the SAS. Five Australians dead in one day!

A new record and a new opportunity for Prime Minister Gillard to emote to the nation on television and show us the stubborn and stupid stuff of which she is made.

If ever there was a message writ large to say "QUIT!", this was it.

Eleven years now, born from lies, nurtured with lies, conducted in lies, the war is a veritable waste land of lies where nothing is being gained and everything and everyone is being wasted.

How big a disaster and how many widows does PM Gillard need to console before she knows it is time to stop making widows?

But PM Gillard steels her chin and trots the lies out again.

"A war with a purpose, a war with an end," she says though the purpose has become so weasel-worded the very sound of them embarrasses. As for an end, it is a moving line in the never-never sands.

Over a third of the Australian people consistently poll as wanting our troops out of Afghanistan. But PM Gillard has higher loyalties.

May her friends and benefactors in the US Embassy, nurture and protect her for, come the elctions of November 2013, they can expect to have her come knocking, bags packed and cap in hand.

Not only can she expect to be driven from public office but also as with the reviled PM Howard, she can also be expect to lose her seat too.

This is not a threat Julia. It is a self fulfilling prophecy.

We the people are coming for you as one vote message bearers.

No more Gillard lies. No more US wars!

Graeme Dunstan
32 August 2013


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