Letter to the Editor NT News 12 August 2012

Gagging on Darwin Marine Base spin

What a PR production to bring a 4 star US general and the US Ambassador in Darwin to claim success for the rotation of the first 250 US Marines through Robertson Barracks.

But notable by their absence were two things: first no crowing of ALP politicians Territory or federal and second, no voice of the concerned residents, notably Base Watch, was heard.

Could it be that the ALP electioneers know that there are no votes to be won promoting the occupation of Australia with US military bases?

"Here for humanitarian purposes," says General Amos. I gag.

"Fun and frisky," says the US Ambassador. I gag again.

"Judge them on their record," urges the door opening Major General Krause.

But it's the record of the US Marines that gives cause for concern.

US Marines with their depleted uranium ordinance are responsible for endemic birth defects in Fallujah. This is a monstrous crime that ought never be forgot.

And if the US Marines are such nice guys en masse, why are the people of Okinawa, with great unanimity and perseverance, demanding they go away?

And if everything is so okie-dorie about basing US Marines in Darwin, why the reluctance to subject the decision to democratic process?

When will we have a social impact assessment?

Graeme Dunstan
temporarily of Millner, Northern Territory

Darwin anti-nuke agitator, Justin Tutty, bears witness for peace
at Mindil Night Market 9 August. The Market was graced (?)
with a fly past by a solitary F18A Super Hornet from Operation Pitch Black.
Noise maxed @ 111.1 dB.


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