Letter to Editor 3 August 2012

Early waking grieving

I thank your readers who remind me that i am just a foolish and passionate old man in an old battered van.

And i thank them for also reminding me that to wake someone up to tell that their bed is burning is to risk outrage. "You are new here, a guest, how dare you! "

Please understand me as an early waking griever. Something is being lost here and it is more than the peace of mind that comes from quietness and respect for neighbours.

What an Orwellian delusion to claim that the jet noise is the sound of peace!

To the contrary the roar of those death machines is the sound of war and the preparation for war.

It is also the sound of our oppression by a professionalised military too long engaged in no-win US imperial wars and now grown arrogant.

Most offensive of all, it is the sound of collective craziness.

Operation Pitch Black is just another in a series of US led military exercises in which its allies and vassals in and around the Pacific are being girded up for a US imperial war with China, our major trading partner!

How crazy is that? Be warned there will be no shopping if we war with China!

When I say these things, it's not that I am being anti military. I reckon a strong and capable defence force is essential. Go NorForce!

But what we got now is not a defence force. Rather it is an offence force being led by the nose on foreign adventures by the US military. And our politicians in Canberra are demented sock puppets on the hands of the US State Department.

Hear my cry! Wake Darwin! Peace in the Pacific is being lost.

Graeme Dunstan
temporarily of Millner, Northern Territory


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