Letter to the NT News 2 August 2012

Objecting to the Jet Noise
of Operation Pitch Black

This written with the roar of jets in my ear.

Do i feel more secure because these would-be 'knights of the air" are blasting over head? No way!

With everyroring pass, I grind my teeth at the waste and stupidity.

Every time one of these $60 million Hornets takes off costs us taxpayers in excess of $20K.

Practicing aerial dog fights and so on in the age of drone warfare is like practicing calvary tactics in the age of tanks.

And who is the possible future enemy that might have such challenging air power? China!

Our major training partner, God help us! We have more to fear from China's weaknesses that her strengths.

Big boys with expensive toys, i say.. Wankers!

Graeme Dunstan
temporarily of Millner, Northern Territory


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