Media Statement 29 June 2012

Independence from the USA Day
@ Robertson Barracks, Darwin

On 4 July, Independence from the USA Day will be celebrated with an open mike Speak Out at the gates of the Robertson Barracks, home of 1st Division and also (temporarily) 250 US Marines.

12.30 - 2 pm Wednesday 4 July 2012
Robertson Barracks,Thorngate Road, Holtze, Darwin

The theme of the Speak Out will be, "Does Darwin need or want a US Marine Base?"  and the event is being organised by Base Watch and Stand Fast, veterans and Ex service people against the wars.

"With the compliance of the Gillard Government and the ADF, Australia is being occupied by a foreign army and the 250 rotating US Marines are the first few boots of thousands who will follow unless we resist now," said Graeme Dunstan of, a Stand Fast organiser and a man on a mission to deport the Marines.

"A massive redeployment of US forces in and around the Pacific is underway and its aim is to contain China, which means warring on our major trading partner," he said.

"Many service people and ex service people are deeply concerned about this compromise of Australian sovereignty and the threat it represents to peace in the Pacific for this and future generations," Mr Dunstan said.

"We are creating an opportunity for concerned citizens to speak out. In particular its an invitation to concerned service and ex service people to have a say."

"Consider it as a pre-emptive strike for peace in the Pacific," says Mr Dunstan.

Photo opportunity
The colorful is available for a photo opportunity at Robertson Barracks or elsewhere by arrangement. Call 0407 951 688

Further information
Graeme Dunstan 0407 951 688


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