Letter to the Editor NT News 27 June 2012

Countering Major General Krause's
US Marine Base deceits

Major General Michael Krause AM is either being willfully naive or calculatedly deceitful when he assures us that US Marines committing crimes in Darwin will be prosecuted how and where Australian authorities decide. (NT News 26 June)

That would presume a relationship of equals between the USA and Australia.

General, wake up!

The relationship is between a super power and a vassal state. When push comes to shove, no matter what they have promised or signed, the US military will do what they like and how they like it.

As they have done in the past in Australia and as they are doing elsewhere.

Witness for example the lack of protection from the US presently being offered by the Gillard government to Australian citizen, Julian Assange.

The bitter truth, Michael Krause, is that the government in Canberra is more loyal to the USA than it is to Australian citizens.

They are US puppets and you are a Quisling.

Graeme Dunstan
temporarily of Millner, Northern Territory


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