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April - September 2005

Subject: Call to Action
Date: March 2005
From: A30-Organising

Stand up for global justice
Protest the Forbes Global CEO Conference

30 August, Sydney Opera House, Sydney, Australia


On August 30 one of the world's richest men Steve Forbes and NSW Premier Bob Carr will host the fifth annual Forbes Global CEO Conference at the Sydney Opera House.

Like the World Trade Organisation and the World Economic Forum the Global CEO Conference is a means of promoting economic and social policies that will benefit the rich and the powerful at the expense of the majority of the world's people and the environment.

John Howard fresh from attacking workers and students rights will open the conference where "senior figures from the world's leading companies and institutions will discuss the best ways to nurture and capitalise on innovation and reveal the latest global trends."

A $5000 a-head event restricted to top executives means that you're not invited. But you can come anyway by joining the protests at the Sydney Opera House.


While the profits of giant corporations soar inequality grows. We are faced with a global environmental crisis and a crisis of global poverty of epic proportions.

The war in Iraq and the war on terrorism are only the extreme end of a globalised violence. In fact the Iraq occupation is a radical neo-liberal experiment that mirrors the policies of economic rationalism and structural adjustment programs across the global south. Many of the corporations seeking profits in Iraq will attend the Forbes Conference.

Common ownership is being undermined and increasingly public services are being privatised. Workers' rights are being removed and migrants are being criminalised. The suspension of civil rights and permanent war is being normalised. Women's rights are being rolled back. Climate change and the crisis of energy are not being addressed. Free trade deals impoverish people in the developing world.

Against this, global networks articulating alternatives have never been greater. A multitude of voices, actions and groups are linking up globally to express and create hopeful futures. The 30A protests can be a way of invigorating cooperation and dialogue amongst movements and people in Australia and with the rest of the world.

By protesting at the Global CEO Conference we can help create a different world where diversity is celebrated rather than suppressed under the weight of corporate and military power.


30A will be an exciting kaleidoscope of protest actions, events and workshops united in opposition to the current policies of corporate globalisation and war.

Prior to the conference the Sydney Social Forum will provide a 3 day open space for discussion, strategising, sharing experiences and networking for effective action about alternatives to the current world order.


The 30A Network is made up of organisations, affinity groups, and individuals that all share a common concern about the growth of corporate power and the violence of the global economy. We are one of the main groupings organising a week of cooperation, networking and protest action to counter the Forbes Global CEO Conference.

We encourage everyone who is concerned about growing inequality in Australia and around the world, the violence of war and threats to the environment to join our network and/or organise actions.

We will provide support and assistance to anyone attending the 30A actions.


  • Forward this message to as many people as possible
  • Tell your friends, family and colleagues about 30A and the Forbes Global CEO Conference.
  • Form an affinity group, collective or group and plan your own actions for 30A - music, theatre, art, noise, marches, non-violent direct actions, human chains, banner drops, boats on the harbour, parachutes, anything is possible!
  • Send a statement to us, describing your group (or just you), how you can be contacted and what you think about the Global CEO Conference and we will put it on our website. Go to for information and updates
  • Organise actions in your own community if you can't make it to Sydney
  • Contact the 30A network for information, posters, leaflets and other material to distribute or see website for templates
  • Get your organisation and its members involved.
  • Invite a speaker to talk to your workplace, school, or group about war, global inequality and 30A.
  • Have your group endorse the action statement available on the website.
  • Organise a workshop or speaker at the Sydney Social Forum
  • Get involved in the organising of publicity, transport accommodation, and other tasks for 30A. (If you're in Sydney come to 30A network meetings 6.30pm Tuesdays NSW Teachers Federation otherwise go to for contacts in your city
  • Make a donation to the 30A campaign fund! Make cheques out to 30A Network.

    Forbes magazine is an American business and financial publication, perhaps best know for its many periodic lists of wealth. Steve Forbes, chief executive officer, is a right-wing member of the US Republican Party who has twice nominated for President.

    Forbes is a founding member, along with Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz, Francis Fukuyama, Jeb Bush, Dan Quayle and others, of the radical neoconservative think-tank Project For the New American Century.

    Like the World Economic Forum the Forbes Annual Global CEO Conference is becoming an important part of the calendar of the global elite.

    Previous participants include Amcor, BHP, BP, Boeing, Citibank, Commonwealth Bank, Cheveron, Dow Corning, Dupont, Exxon-Mobil, General Motors Holden, Haliburton, McDonalds, Microsoft, Mitsubishi, Monsanto, Nestle, Nike, News Ltd, Rio Tinto, Shell, Siemans, Westfield, and Western Mining.

    To see the official conference agenda

    Subject: Distant Thunder
    Date: Mon, 04 Apr 2005 13:37:45 +1000
    To: A30-Organising

    dear comrades in corporate resistance,

    When the A30 Call to Action reached, it was like a meadow feels hearing the sound of distant thunder, the good news of rain coming, refreshment for the spirit of resistance. will be there with flags, banners and an open mike PA.

    Representative democracy has become the best government money can buy. Pirates are at the helm and now is the time for extra-parliamentary action. Direct action and in the Eureka spirit! Under the Southern Cross standing truly by each other and fighting to defend our rights and liberties.

    Come August 30 I want to be standing outside the Opera House amongst truth and in an event that affirms that "fair go" warrior spirit. But the fight I want is not a clash with the NSW Police, but rather a peaceful and determined occupation of public place, an assertion of our freedom to assemble and speak up and speak out for global justice.

    I don't want to be part of any action to prevent the Forbes Conference assembling with blockades and the like. To the contrary I am grateful to Forbes for collecting the CEOs and their political courtiers in Sydney and making them a witness to our dissent.

    May they learn by the strength of our presence, by the inventiveness of our tactics, by the vividness of our art, by the sting of our humour, and by the power of our truth, how much they are reviled. Masters of greed, corporate crime, corporate slime!

    In the name of the great Earth Mother and Father Spirit, in the witness of all the ancestors and all the future generations yet unborn, let these pirates be known for their greed, corruption and violence. They think themselves to be masters of the universe, paragons of success and virtue. Let them be known by the fruits of their actions. Let them know shame!

    Let dossiers be collected on the participating CEOs and a People's Court be conducted in parallel. (A challenge for dissenting Law students).

    I dream that A30 be a carnival of liberation for the participants, a genuinely uplifting, confidence and movement building experience for everyone. (Cops too!) Poetry in concept, poetry in execution. is a veteran of protest actions. It was a contributor, just one cell amongst many others, at the Melbourne 2000 S11, the Brisbane M1 of 2001 and CHOGM protests in Brisbane/Coolum in 2001&2002. See past campaign of at

    I look forward to artful and movement building collaborations with other activists at A30 and in the preparations for it.

    For me the aim of anti globalisation rallying, is not to shift public opinion or get the editor of the Daily Telegraph to change his spots. Rather it is to give courage to activists and build sustainable resistance. The difference between the two is the difference between labouring with a spade to divert a river and sparking a grass fire with the imagination

    My experience tells me the key to producing events of powerful influence is preparation, by which I do not mean attending many meetings, but rather making and preparing stuff - flags, banners, costumes, sets, street theatre, drum band and dancing girl rehearsals. Making and preparing workshops build momentum in the lead up, serve as vehicles for pre publicity and inspire artful collaborations.

    For recent examples of success in this approach, see the Eureka150 Women's Sewing Circle (November-December 2004 and the Byron Peace Carnival (August-September 2002

    What chances of setting up some workshop spaces during August?

    Vince as encouraged me to pop in to the A30 meeting happening at the Gaelic Club from 6:30 pm on 12th April. I will do that. Look forward to meeting you all.

    Being a nomad and on the road (see I cannot attend many other A30 meetings. Nor do I want too.

    I reckon that committees are as inevitable as taxes. They serve well when they serve to disseminate information and link people up (as this mailing list does) and I am grateful to people who dedicate time and effort to this end.

    And it is the nature of committees to attract controllers and centralisers. I need make clear my deep and abiding distrust of central committees.

    Apart from the history behind this (may the bloody repressions of the Bolsheviks never be forgot!), there is also this observation that arises from past experiences: that controlling central committees are not only one dimensional, alienating and creatively stifling in process, they also tend to produce protest events in their own image, amplified replicas of their meeting style.

    The centralist ideal seems to be a main stage and a big PA dominating all, a few politically correct on the stage and a big crowd of passive consumers.

    How to make the A30 more inclusive for the participants? How to make it satisfying as ritual without angry confrontation? How to make it artful?

    I don't have any fixed answers to these questions. Like Techa Beaumont, I want it to be creative and I approach A30 with questions on my mind and a big "don't know" in my soul. Exploring answers will be the creative journey to A30.

    For sure I will be preparing flags and banners for the event, say from 4 weeks out from the event. Doing this collaboratively would be a boon.

    What an opportunity the Forbes Conference is!

    For peace! For justice! For the Earth!

    Subject: Movement building, joyful, artful and safe
    Date: Fri, 13 May 2005 11:55:28 +1000
    To: A30-Organising

    dear friends on the path of peace and global justice,

    The last organising meeting for the 30A mobilisation made some positive progress. I understand the good Bruce Knobloch, who chaired is it for most part, intends to circulate a report.

    In summary, words and imagery for a (first) flyer were agreed upon and this includes the assembly directions as "Converge on the Opera House/Assemble at Circular Quay 5 pm Tuesday 30 August".

    Phew! A march form the Town Hall was promising to be very ordinary. Now a much more spontaneous and accessible action is possible. a genuine carnival of liberation in the streets as global pirates, war profiteers and courtier politicians gather for a back slapping talkfest.

    The other major decision was to open police liaison earlier rather than later and I was delegated to make contact with the police and initiate the crowd management dialogue.

    Specifically I was delegated to say we want our 30A action to have access to the Opera House forecourt and to set up a meeting where participating individuals, and delegates from affinity groups and organisations can meet with the police liaison officers and open direct negotiations for their assembly action needs.

    We agreed that we want to decentralise 30A police liaison. We expect that different participating groups will have different goals and different needs and that the more people talking to the police, the better and the safer the event.

    To that end I have since made fax and phone contact with the Opera House precinct police commander, Superintendent Phil Rogerson. He was pleased to have the early notice and asked at once: "How many expected?"

    "Don't know", was my truthful response: the answer to that question is the big unknown in the planning and preparations for both police and protesters. Aint that nice! We is all in for something new and unpredictable.

    He has agreed to appoint a liaison officer and we will meet face to face for the first time at The Rocks Police Station 2 pm Tuesday 16 May. Which means I will have a report for the 30A planning meeting at the Gaelic Club, 6.30 pm that same evening.

    Let me close by saying where I am coming from in regard to police liaison.

    For all my anarchist and utopian idealism I cannot imagination a world without some agency of law enforcement: police is community, community is police. The movement towards peace and social justice will truly become deep and swift when police are moving alongside us as friends and fellow citizens also vigilant and responsive to the needs of public safety and justice.

    I want the 30A mobilisation to be movement building, joyful, artful and safe for all - protesters, conference attendees, police and passers by.

    I want the police to not only respect our right of assembly but to enjoy giving it their blessing and protection.

    For peace! For justice! For the Earth!

    Graeme Dunstan

    Subject: Police Liaison
    Date: Wed, 18 May 2005 12:44:24 +100
    To: A30-Organising

    dear comrades on the path to 30A,

    Yesterday I met with the Local Area Commander of The Rocks, Superintendent Phil Rogerson, and opened police liaison for the 30A mobilisation. In the evening I attended the 30A organising collective meeting at the Gaelic Club and reported the outcomes. This is my report of the outcomes of both those meetings.

    Superintendent Phil is an experienced policing manager of protests in the Sydney CBD which average about 300 a year. He was in charge of policing for the No Wars mobilisation of 2003 for which he estimated 200,00 people attended and of which he had nothing but praise for the organisers. He was also in charge of policing for the Books Not Bombs protests at which memory, his jaw tensed.

    There was no doubt in Phil about our right to assemble. But he was constrained to say that since those Books Not Bombs actions, bottom line crowd policing policy in NSW has been heavy on enforcement. "Anyone committing property damage or assault will be arrested." he duly announced.

    Phil wanted to deal with people taking were taking overall responsibility for organising the event and he wanted the official Summary Offenses act application/notification of the intention to assemble and march be made. When the decentralised nature of the action and the encouragement to each participating group to make direct notification was explained, he baulked.

    In regard to our expressed desire to assemble on the Opera House forecourt he said the organisers would need to approach the Opera House security direct and along with all the other agencies involved (Foreshore Trust and City Council). He gave me the name and number of Chris Allen, head of Opera House Security.

    At my prompting he rang Chris Allen in my presence and it transpired that Opera House security had already been warned of our protest by Premiers Department and that Chris Allen was happy to have the police negotiate the crowd management of the protest. No need for me to contact him yet.

    Our meeting finished on a positive note with Phil realising that the event was going to be big and that he would have prime responsibility for its policing; and me feeling optimistic that opening police liaison earlier rather than later had been a good tactic, and that access to Opera House forecourt would be likely had because it is the least traffic interfering and safe place for a crowd to assemble.

    The next step for the police is to do a crime/risk assessment of our event. A Detective Inspector Darren Boyd-Skinner ( has been appointed to do this and will make contact in due course. Emails were exchanged and Superintendent Phil ( encouraged us to keep the information flowing so that appropriate planning for traffic management and crowd safety can proceed.

    In the discussion that arose at the 30A planning meeting after it was agreed that the 30A organising collective should affirm and formalise the police liaison by making the formal notification of our intent to assemble at the Opera House forecourt forthwith.

    This does not preclude other groups from making direct approaches to the police, particularly in regard to assembling for a march to the Opera House. Rather it allows the 30A organising collective to secure access to the Opera House forecourt and make that an asset in our publicity build.

    What an iconic protest it will be with the Opera Sails as our backdrop!

    The combination of the stimulation of attending the Mutiny Block Forum and 30A discussion at UTS on Monday evening, of the goodwill and progress evident in the meeting with the Superintendent Phil Rogerson and the optimism and camaraderie of 30A planning collective meeting, has me convinced that the 30A protest is cooking very nicely, thank you very much to all those putting in the effort.

    For peace. For justice. For the Earth.

    Graeme Dunstan

    PS Here is a side story.

    On the wall of Superintendent Rogerson's office was a framed presentation which included a NYPD police cap and a photo of NY Mayor Guiliani. Guiliani, who I understand will be one of the Forbes Global CEO conference presenters come next August 30, was fierce in busting and frustrating the protests associated with the Republican Convention in New York last year.

    As Superintendent Phil gave me the hard line about NSW police crowd management policy, Guiliani seemed to be smiling approval

    But then it transpired that Phil hadn't been to New York, nor was he a recipient of NYPD training in crowd suppression. Rather he had won the presentation in a blind raffle. In other words it was the discard of another police officer or possibly an unwanted gift from a visiting NYPD dignity - and now Phil felt kind of stuck with it.

    May the fascism of Guiliani and his 'law'n'order' policing soon be trashed.

    Subject: Carnival of the Oppressed
    Date: Wed, 25 May 2005 12:52:57 +1000
    To: A30-Organising

    hey comrades on the 30A path,

    I want to share my enthusiasm about the progress of the 30A organising with those who do not and cannot get to planning meetings.

    Last night's meeting at the Gaelic Club was small (just eight of us) but very productive. Zoe chaired and will distribute minutes.

    The good news for me was learning of the support that is coming in. Bruce Knobloch reported that Refugee Action Group has but up $950 for the printing of the A30 poster and Damien Lawson reported that Green Senator Kerry Nettle has personally donated $250.

    Senator Nettle has also put the resources of her office behind us and that includes the organising genius of her staffer, Damien, who i understand was major in the organising of the Melbourne 2000 s11. Good on her.

    Kirsten Cameron, from the Dura Bookshop collective, is another Sydney organiser of genius and charm, and she came to her first meeting last night and plugged in with positive energy.

    Good news too was the positive response from the Byron Bay based Samba Blisstas - see

    Drum master Paul Barrett, formerly of Fremantle, was a major rhythm maker at the No War protests there two years ago. With his backing we will have the core for a drum band which will occupy Circular Quay and the Opera House forecourt for an amazing carnival of the oppressed come the evening of 30 August.

    The 30A organising committee is now planning for the protest to go on occupying the Opera House forecourt over the next two days and nights. We want to encourage participation by all the many and diverse groups actively engaged in promoting peace, global justice and a sustaining Earth.

    Our vision is of lots of different groups gathering, bearing witness and doing their thing - lots of people, lots of colour, sound and movement, lots of theatre, great oratory, poetry and humour. And overall a sense in each of us as being part of an irresistible movement for social justice, peace and a sustaining Earth.

    Another world is inevitable. May the 30A mobilisation be a futurist glimpse.

    Apart from working to set up a 30A Creative Workshop where a bunch of flags and banners, carnival masks and images will be made in the lead up, I am also networking amongst my Buddhist connections for 30A participation.

    I want to bring together a gathering of "Engaged Buddhists", that is Dharma practitioners committed to social engagement for peace and social justice, on the Opera House forecourt on the afternoon and evening of Wednesday 31 August. Ideally it will be just one of the many and amazing gatherings A30 will attract.

    Tell you friends about it. And plug in. There is already my jobs than people. Distributing posters for example.

    For peace. For justice. For the Earth!

    Graeme Dunstan

    Subject: Minutes A30 Network meeting 31 May
    Date: Wed, 01 Jun 2005 15:46:10 +1000
    To: A30-Organising

    Minutes of the 30A Network meeting which took place 6.30 pm Tuesday 1 June at the Gaelic Club, Devonshire Street, Surry hills.

    Present: Damien (chair), Jemma, Karen, Amanda, Kris, Steve, Graeme, Bruce, Kirsten, Hazel.

    Apologies: Vince, Zoe

    Damien arrived bearing A2 full colour posters and black print A5 flyers ready for distribution. Amanda the designer was delighted to see them look so good. The A2 full colour posters and flyers can be obtained by contacting Damien through Senator Kerry Nettleís office, 111 Devonshire Street or calling 0419 253 342

    Report Back: 30A Drum Up.
    30A is promising to be a major drum up heard from within by the Forbes CEOs and without by the anti Forbes protestors; drumming bouncing off the Opera sails and sailing across the Harbour, the sound of people power.

    Graeme and Kris reported that Paul Barrett of the Byron Bay based Samba Blisstas is willing to come to Sydney with a van full of drums and at least one other drummer and lead drum workshop and drumming at A30. He asked for return petrol costs (estimated at $300) be covered. Paul is making contacts with the Sydney Samba School.

    It was agreed to include $300 in the expenditure drum up for the Samba van petrol costs.

    Kirsten suggested approaching Drum Media as an event sponsor. Good idea!

    Report Back: Union support
    Kirsten reported that she had arranged to get motions of support for A30, and possibly small contributions in cash too, before the regional Trades and Labour Councils at Wagga, Goulburn and Broken Hill. With their support she reckons it may be possible to get support from Unions NSW.

    Karen reported that she expected no money, no time and no resources would come from the Australian Services Union.

    Bruce was more union optimistic, reckoning that given the major industrial relations assault coming from the Howard government over the next couple of months, union support for the 30A protest will make more sense as we get closer. Kirsten advocated putting out the invitations for support, being civil with union leadership and persevering with union members.

    It was agreed to make the strategy for trade union support a major item for discussion at the next meetings.

    Report Back: Fact sheet/speaker notes
    Bruce reported that t it was happening and Vince was working on profile of participating Corporations and their CEOs. Expect a draft next week.

    Report Back: Police Liaison
    Graeme reported that another meeting was et up with The Rocks Area Commander, Inspector Phil Rogerson, for 10 am Thursday 2 June. He further reported that this was the last meeting he expected to be able to attend before the end of July.

    It was agreed that Damien Lawson attend the Thursday meeting and take up police liaison until Graemeís return.

    Report Back: Student Info Pack
    Amanda reported that she was assembling information packs to send to student organisations throughout Australia. She agreed to hold sending till the fact sheet/speakers notes could be included.

    Amanda reported she was targeting the upcoming Students and Sustainability Conference in Melbourne. Kris announced it was his intention to attend and he was encouraged to take up the invitation to speak at the Conference on behalf of the 30A network.

    Report Back: Budget
    Kirsten announced that setting up of a bank account was in progress and requested that the donation of $250 by Senator Kerry Nettle be deposited ASAP so that a cheque account could be opened.

    Bruce did the sums and estimated that we had revenue of $750 and a printing bill of $968.

    Approaching student associations for donations was discussed. Jemma offered to approach UTS.

    Kirsten asked that the bank account details be posted to the web (Commonwealth Bank BSB 062006 Account 10621951 in the name of 30A Network ) so that cyber donations might be had.

    It was agreed to ask Vince to investigate the possibility of web credit card donation facility.

    30A Letterhead
    To facilitate the soliciting of donations, Kris offered to design a 30A letterhead and have it at the next meeting.

    Valhalla Film Night Fundraiser Sunday 14 August
    There was a long discussion about the suitability of a Valhalla Cinema screening of Michael Mooreís The Corporation as a fundraiser, given that it had been available for 12 months and 15,000 DVDs had already been sold in Australia.

    Kris suggested another movie From This World as an alternative or a companion showing. Kris to secure and distribute the DVD to 30A network folk.

    It was agreed that the content of The Corporation was apt to our cause and that the screening might be made more enticing by spicing it up with an introductory speaker - John Pilger, Adam Spencer, and Triple Jís Jason & Lindsay were suggested. With the Valhalla hire cost at $220 per hour for three hours, break even was only 66 takers at $10 per head and a risk worth taking on The Corporation.

    It was agreed that Damien book the Valhalla for Sunday 14 August.

    Education Forum 2.30 - 5 pm Sunday 16 July
    The form for the 30A Education Forum proposed for the Gaelic Club 2.30 - 5 pm Sunday 16 July was discussed at some length; the aim of the Forum being to consolidate understanding of the role of Forbes Global CEO Conferences and to expound the key themes of our opposition.

    It was agreed to conduct it in two sets of parallel sessions, which elaborated on the slogans on the A30 poster: Workers/student rights; Water and Climate change; Debt/Aid/Trade; and War/Armaments. A final session would round off on Forbes and the attending CEOs.

    It was agreed that between Damien, Bruce, Kirsten and Jemma, a speakers list from supporting NGOs be drawn up for discussion at the next meeting. Website Overhaul The meeting heard that Vince was proposing to overhaul the 30A website.

    The meeting was unanimous in expressing gratitude to Vince for the cyber work done to date and made the following requests in regard to its reconstruction:

  • that 30A be described as a three day convergence beginning 5 pm Tuesday 30 August
  • that a link be included to enable interested folk to subscribe to the 30A Organising Network email list
  • that bios of participating CEOs and their corporations be included best he can
  • that the bank account details be included for direct account deposited donations.
  • that linked page of endorsements be created including links to the endorsing individuals and organisations, and posted progressively as they come in.

    Overall the feeling was the website looked a bit bland. Can we have more graphics and more of the lift and excitement of the poster, please Vince.

    The question of whether we had the organisational capability to offer a billeting service to out-of-towners was discussed; it being recognised that billeting was a major task and would need a dedicated organiser, a 30A Billeting officer. To hire a hall or go for individual billets?

    It was agreed to collaborate with the billeting program Sydney Social Forum, which will take place on the previous weekend.

    Kirsten announced she would inquire about billeting being offered by the Dura Bookshop collective.

    Kris proposed a radical alternative: a tent city occupation of the Tarpeian Way parkland, which is adjacent to Macquarie Street but not enclosed by the Botanic Gardens. To be explored.

    It was affirmed that a media release would be prepared announcing a 30A media conference at the Opera house in two weeks time and that Damien and Bruce would draft a media release for consideration at the next meeting.

    30A Creative Workshop
    Graeme reported that Justice Action was amenable to making the space under the light rail viaduct in Glebe Park available as a venue for the 30A Creative workshop for the 4 weeks leading up to 30 August and that they were asking $1500 to cover their rent and power overheads.

    Graeme reckoned the space, which fronts onto parkland, has no neighbours, is accessible by public transport and has plenty of parking, very suitable as a workshop making place, as a meeting place for 30A activists and as a venue for 30A fund raising events. It was noted that Justice Action regularly used the space for fund raising events and hired it out for private parties.

    He also reckoned that raising $400 a week is possible if the path to the carnival was made a carnival with weekly rent raising Friday parties through out August. Drum rehearsals could happen there, poetry readings, music nights, dance parties and so on. Eighty people at $5, or forty at $10.

    Damien pointed out though we are cash poor now, come 30 August we will have cash from donations, fund raising and bucket rattling on the day. Kirsten suggested we get a home brew prepared for 30A workshop conviviality.

    It was agreed that Graeme approach Justice Action seeking their support in terms of credit for the rent till after 30 A.

    Graeme said he aimed to use the space to make up a troupe of cardboard backpack skeleton puppets with facial likenesses to Howard, Carr and Forbes. And also prepare flags and banners for dressing the 30A protest.

    Next Meeting
    6.30 pm Tuesday 8 June, Gaelic Club, Devonshire Street, Surry Hills

    Twelve weeks out and building.

    Subject: Independence from America Day
    Date: Sun, 05 Jun 2005 18:06:21 +1000
    To: A30-Organising

    Letter to the Byron Echo

    dear Michael,

    Independence from America Day will be celebrated in Byron Bay this year on Sunday 3 July and in association with the Byron Markets.

    The event will comprise a Speak Out which will assemble in Apex Park, Main Beach, from 11 am, a sing and drum up there before we take off in a parade of flags, banners and drums to the market ground, there to create carnival and stir the spirit and body of people power.

    It will be the fifth annual Independence from America Day celebrated in Byron and like previous, it will be a carnival of liberation. Paul Barrett is promising to assemble the Samba Blisstas with at least 40 drums and he will be beating up a presence that can be expected to be heard all over Byron and maybe in Sydney, Canberra and Washington too.

    Here, the drums will be saying, is a place and people where the lies and deceits of the US government and its murderous military, its war profiteers and its resource piracy, its poverty making World Bank, and its Earth destroying corporate greed, hold no sway.

    Here, the drums will be saying, is place and here a people who want to be visible, loud and fearless in speaking and acting truthfully in defence of peace, justice and the Earth.

    May the drums serve as a wake up call to those who are sleep walking in the spell of corporate media.

    May they be a rallying call to those who, in their isolation, rage powerlessly at the TV news and despair.

    Like distant thunder, may puppet politicians hear the drums and know big changes are coming.

    And like distant thunder heard by a dry meadow, may the celebration of Independence from America Day in Byron Bay be good news for all who thirst for justice.

    There will me more news and information about the celebration in the coming weeks. Help will be needed making stuff, carrying flags and banners and setting up on the day. Please call me on 0407 951 688 if you have time and artful energy to offer. Make a hat, a placard or a costume for the day: the more colour the better.

    In a sense Independence Day in Byron Bay will be a rehearsal for a mass mobilisation at the Sydney Opera House, 30 August through 2 September in protest at the Forbes Global CEO conference there.

    Forbes (that's the same neo conservative, Project for a New American Century, Republican presidential candidate, non-blinking, Steve Forbes whom Michael Moore parodied) will gather some 300 masters of greed and war profiteers for some self congratulatory black slapping at the Opera House where they will welcomed by their adoring courtier politicians Premier Carr and PM Howard.

    Called A30, the mobilisation will occupy the forecourt of the Opera House for a Speak Out and also a mass drum up with Paul Barrett as drum master. Check out the website and make it a date to be in Sydney for.

    For peace. For justice. For the Earth!

    Graeme Dunstan

    Subject: Independence from America Day in Byron
    Date: 05 Jul 2005 09:54:49 +1000
    To: A30-Organising

    webgreetings 30A comrades,

    The Independence from America Day parade through Byron last Sunday was a visual and rhythmic delight. I saw video of the event yesterday. Wondrous.

    About 100 people, 40 lovely banners rippling in the breeze, a stilt dancer and Paul Barrett's, Samba Blisstas, 40 strong in bright coloured costumes beating up a storm, dancing in the street.

    The local police happily held back the traffic and visitors to Byron that day in the streets and at the monthly market were amazed. Many a digital pic was recorded. We might not have been large in number but we were huge in presence and we sure were noticed. Lots of goodwill, no aggro.

    I will post pics to sometime in the next few days and email a notice so that you may be dazzled by the vibrancy of the event too.

    The Hon. Peter Breen (Independent) and Ian Cohen (Green) from the NSW upper house were there to speak out against the US Alliance at the rally. So too local Green Byron Shire councilor, John Lazarus.

    Sydney activist artist Bob Cunii was in the area on a building job and came to help with the set up. Bob told me he was much impressed with visual impact of the massed flags and reckons we can silk screen a whole lot more at the 30A Creative Workshop during August.

    Making art that inspires resistance.

    For peace. For justice. For the Earth!

    Graeme Dunstan

    Subject: Photos of Independence Day
    Date: Fri, 22 Jul 2005 12:17:36 +1000
    To: A30-Organising

    dear 30A comrades,

    Photos of the Independence from America Day rally in Byron Bay 3 July are now posted at

    Check it out to get an idea of what a carnival of liberation might look like at the Opera House cum 30 August.

    Samba Blisstas were the stars of the day and drum master Paul Barrett plus six of Blissta drummers are committed to being in Sydney for 30A. Likewise Elke the stilt dancer.

    The mass of flags gives height and presence.

    We will be making up more of these flags at the 30A Creative Workshop which will be in operation from Monday 1 August. 100 bamboo flag poles are on their way to Sydney from the Rainbow Region.

    For more information about the 30A Creative Workshop, watch

    If you want to come along and help make stuff, contact me direct. 0407 951 688

    Making art that makes cultural movement.

    For peace. For justice. For the Earth!

    Graeme Dunstan

    Subject: 30A Creative Workshop
    Date: Sat, 30 Jul 2005 22:31:12 +1000
    To: A30-Organising

    hey 30A comrades,

    The 30A Creative Workshop will be operating from next Monday 1 August and right up till 30 August at STUCCO, 197 Wilson St, Newtown (close to Macdonaldtown Station and north King St)

    STUCCO is a student housing co-operative and the residents there have kindly made available their large common room.

    We will working by day and night and weekends too, painting up banners, sewing up flags, printing T-shirts, making cardboard puppets and anything else that might make the 30A occupation of the Sydney Opera House forecourt artful, eye catching and memorable.

    So if you can wield a paint brush, operate a sewing machine, squeeze a squeegee, cut cardboard or be artful, helpful or entertaining in anyway, please rock up.

    Come for an hour or two, a day or two or a week or three.

    For more information you can ring me on 0407 951 688 or Kris on 0431 370 148

    Make art that makes cultural movement.

    For peace. For justice. For the Earth.

    Graeme Dunstan

    Subject: Making Art
    Date: 7 August 2005 14:47:04 +1000
    To: A30-Organising

    dear 30A comrades,

    The 30A Creative Workshop is now in session at STUCCO, the student housing co-op 197 Wilson St Newtown.

    Because of union support for our action we have some cash for materials - paint, fabric, ink, glue and so on.

    So if you have something you want to make, wear, carry, dance .... drop by. Shout, rattle and shake at the door.

    Bob Cunii is making up screens on demand for T-shirts and whatever.

    I am happy to teach techniques for banner making using masking tape and fabric ink. Also cardboard sculpting.

    Interest has been expressed in making up a bunch of lanterns for 30A and other actions by the Refugee Action Coalition. We have set a date for this. Saturday 20 August. The more hands on the more lanterns made.

    Making art that creates cultural movement.

    For peace. for justice. For the Earth!

    Subject: Police Liaison
    Date: 15 August 2005 14:47:04 +1000
    To: A30-Organising

    dear 30A comrades,

    The police liaison stagnated there for awhile. We had heard nothing from the police and indirectly from the Opera House Trust that it had canceled all performances at the Opera House for the duration of the Forbes conference and intends to close public access to the forecourt too.

    But last Sunday in Camperdown Park we met with two officers who are taking our preparations more seriously. They were Det Snr Sgt Andrew Layhe and Det Sgt Leanne Wells, liaison and negotiation is their speciality.

    Yesterday we (Kirsten, Bruce and Simon) met with them again to here the report of the meeting with Superintendent Bob Waites, Commander of the Inner Metropolitan Police Command.

    We heard that our application to assemble in the forecourt of the Opera House and in the Botanical Gardens adjacent was to be refused "for security reasons".

    Naturally we were disappointed at the failure of the police command to appreciate the size of the protest being marshaled or the public safety consequences of the decision.

    But we are not accept it as the final word and negotiations are continuing.

    We asked the police liaison officers to convene a meeting of stakeholders (Premiers Dept, Police, Opera House Trust, City Council) to plan the crowd management for the event.

    Peaceful people power will prevail.

    For peace, For justice. For the Earth!

    Graeme Dunstan

    Subject: Emergency meeting this Friday
    Date: Wed, 17 Aug 2005 23:27:08 +1000
    To: A30-Organising

    dear A30 Friends,

    Police liaison hit a wall to day. A wall of ignorance and denial.

    We were told that we would be denied access to the Opera House forecourt and the Botanical Gardens like the rest of the citizens of Sydney, NSW, and Australia. Only the obscenely rich, the courtiers of the obscenely rich and those being paid to defend them will be allowed near the Forbes Global CEO Conference.

    When we asked where our mobilisation of dissent might take place, we were told that the police did not know and they wanted us to apply again with the appropriate form.

    When we asked to meet with the man responsible for this decision, Superintendent Bob Waites , Inner Metropolitan Regional Police Commander, we were told such a meeting was unlikely.

    At this point my mind boiled and I told the police liaison officers they were was wasting our time and we (Kirsten, Simon and I) left the meeting.

    Bob Waites had sent messengers to tell us he had chosen to protect the corporate rich at the expense of our rights to express our dissent and have access to public space, built and provided by public taxes.

    We had asked he facilitate a peaceful protest, a carnival by night and public forum by day, and he had chosen to make the occasion a demonstration of policing power.

    We hear that 600 police officers have been rostered for 30A. Come 30 August, we can expect a full display of the all the NSW police instruments of crowd oppression - dogs, horses, batons, helmets, shields, and guns.

    The excuse is the war on terror; i.e. that our convergence might attract fringe elements intent on bombing.

    But this is a better reason for canceling Forbes that denying us our freedoms and our access to public place. For is not us, the people of NSW and Sydney who might attract bombers; rather it is this assembly of masters of greed, war whores and poverty pimps. These are the loathed and despised; not us.

    What to do next?

    To review the situation., an emergency meeting of the 30A Network has been called for 6.30 pm Friday 19 August at the Courthouse Hotel, Australia Street Newtown (we might have to move to the park). If you are organising anything, or want to organise something, come along. Creative responses most welcome.


    The news and the passion left me spent. But talking with my comrades in the 30A Creative Workshop lifted my spirits. 'Twas no surprise to them to hear that the police were being such bastards and our ALP government such toadies.

    I thought: what would Gandhi do in this situation. I realised that he would go to Bob Waites and stand at his gate a demand a meeting; for peace, for justice, for the Earth!

    So I propose that this be done as a media event early next week. That is we go the Sydney Police HQ in Surry Hills, flags drums and all, and demand a meeting. In the name of peace and justice, rights and liberties; and that we use the denial of the police commander as a opportunity to promote our 30A convergence.

    This means we will be lifting the ante and probably we will lose the support of the Unions and the timid.

    We will talk more about it.

    But I reckon now is the time for courage.

    For peace. For justice. For the Earth!

    Graeme Dunstan

    Subject: Police HQ 11 am Tuesday
    Date: Mon, 22 Aug 2005 14:31:03 +1000
    To: A30-Organising

    hey 30A friends,

    Come join us at Police HQ, Campbell St, Surry Hills from 11 am tomorrow Tuesday 23 Aug.

    We are going with flags and placards, a show of colour and determination, brief and peaceful.

    Come if you can.

    For peace. For justice. For the Earth!


    Media Release 22 August 2005

    Protest Organisers Demand meeting with Police Chief

    Organisers of the 30A protest that will take place in response to the Forbes Global CEO Conference at the Opera House next week are going to Sydney Police HQ tomorrow to demand a meeting with Assistant Commissioner Waites.

    The organisers are warning that the 30A protests against the Forbes Global CEO Conference will be similar in size and passion to those against World Economic Forums in Melbourne in 2000 and elsewhere.

    "We are concerned that Mr. Waites has dismissed our proposals for a peaceful protest out of hand and is refusing to meet us to discuss the crowd management of the protests," said Bruce Knobloch, 30A Network spokesperson.

    "Mr Waites is talking up violence and we fear that, in the name of public safety, he is planning policing that will put public safety at risk," said Mr Knobloch.

    The delegation from the 30A Network will assemble in the plaza of Sydney Police HQ, Surry Hills, at 11 am tomorrow Tuesday 23 August.

    Further information
    Bruce Knobloch 0437 262 346
    Graeme Dunstan police liaison, 0407 951 688

    Subject:30A gratitude
    Date: Fri, 02 Sep 2005 13:25:47 +1000
    To: A30-Organising

    Thank you all.

    We were few but valiant. We did best we could. Bearing witness to corporate greed, we pushed edges artfully and we got noticed.

    One of the things our witness revealed was far NSW has gone as a police state. All our attempts at negotiating peaceful protest were denied, delayed, frustrated and obstructed.

    Whatever well meaning police liaison officers might find agreement upon, come the time, the OSG, knuckle heads with guns and elan, made the decisions. And they have it fixed in their bony heads that protest equals public safety risk and thus we must be neutralised, minimised and marginalised.

    And they know they are right of course because they have guns and uniforms and we are but the rag tag poor. They will never see that the wall of fear that they create with ostentatious displays of police power is what prevents us from being any more than the ragtag poor.

    How can we gather a broad based crowd of peaceful and concerned citizens if the police frustrate the means to do this by denying us access to public space, by denying us the means to make it pleasing for a crowd, by denying us planned production time, and most of all by denying us the assurance of safety.

    In these times resistance, needs be, takes on chaotic form, small cells operating with minimum communication and minimal organisational coherency, acting quickly and unexpectedly. Fleas biting in the skin folds of an elephant.

    Or as K said: "Dancing in the cracks of a decaying society."

    And so it was that in the confusion of events and with our limited means, with the frailties of our bodies and in the face of a hostile state, we stood together like tall trees, as friends and bore witness for peace, for justice and a sustaining Earth in these times.

    Many friendships were affirmed. And for all the confusion the fruit of our efforts was heartening. We got noticed and sustained our resistance to the Earth devouring, freedom denying corporate state.

    There are many I want to thank for their good work on the 30A mobilisation. Here are a few from the top of my list.

    Heartfelt gratitude to Bob for his high energy commitment, silk screening this, making that, postering there and performing here. It was Bob and our mate Joey who were in the costumes of the news pic of Ned Kelly arresting a Howard wearing a US flag nappy and offering Oz for sale. That stunning image went out on Reuters to be printed and seen about the globe.

    Big thank you to Bruce K. and Vince M. for their planning, preparation and web work. Hail the people skills of Bruce and the web skills of Vince! was a mighty powerful tool

    Dear thanks to Kirsten and Simon for their good work in Union liaison. The immediate fruit of their efforts was small but they carried a light for liberty and direct action amongst an otherwise lost and benighted Union leadership. Knowing that just one lit candle will dispel darkness.

    They we also my partners and witness bearers in police liaison, efforts likewise frustrated and largely fruitless. But along the way we shared many a belly laugh. Thank you for coming along on the ride.

    May K. hear my heartfelt admiration and gratitude for his dedication and artful efforts. Urban warrior on a scooter, stencil artist extraordinaire, dancer in the cracks of new possibilities.

    Thanks to the residents of STUCCO for hosting the 30A Creative Workshop. It was a magic time for me, old man in a garden of youth and bright intelligence. Thank you for your kindness and hospitality. And special thanks to Phoung's mum for doing flag sewing.

    A big thank you to Jess and her band grrls for helping make the backpack skelly puppets and dancing them in the streets.

    Thanks to the all the young warriors of all the student/mutiny blocs. Because of my police liaison work I wasn't trusted to know what you were doing or planning. So it had to be. But I was ever cheering your artful actions on.

    Courage in the face of tyranny, echoes of Eureka!

    May all who read this take heart.

    May all beings be happy.

    Graeme Dunstan


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