Police lines after the breaching of the fence excluding the public from the Sydney Opera House, 30 August 2005

30A - Bearing Witness to CEOs
who cost the Earth
Sydney Opera House 30 - 31 August 2005

During the 30 August to 1 September the Forbes Global CEO Conference was hosted by the Premier of New South Wales and it occupied the Sydney Opera House to the exclusion of all else.

Both the Australian federal government and the NSW State governments subsidised the Conference to the tune of $1.3 million each.

The presence of the gathered global corporate elite, which included the participation of Iraq war profiteers and climate criminals, became the focus of a major mobilisation of mass dissent in Sydney and it drew the participation from interstate and New Zealand activists too

Peacebus.com was also a contributor and in the links which follow is an illustrated account of the activities and observations of Peacebus.com captain, Graeme Dunstan.

Some 17,500 words in length, the report is broken up into chapters for easier digestion.

Chapter 1 - Chapter 1 - Defending the Eureka Flag

Chapter 2 - Day 2: Taking the Action to Corporate HQs

Chapter 3 - Bearing Light at the Art Gallery of NSW

Chapter 4 - STUCCO and the 30A Creative Workshop

Chapter 5 - Bearing Witness at Sydney Police HQ

Chapter 6 - Police Liaison for 30A

Chapter 7 - Conclusion



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Follow up Correspondence with the NSW Police

Peacebus.com 30A prepublicity  

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