Curriculum Vitae of Graeme Dunstan

Born  Essendon Victoria 4 August 1942


1955-60 Essendon High School, Victoria (dux )

1961-63 Royal Military College, Duntroon

1964 University of Melbourne (completed 2nd year Industrial Engineering with high distinctions)

1965-67 University of NSW graduating with a Bachelor of Industrial Engineering (2 Hons Div 1) with a major in Psychology

1968-69 Trainee computer programmer and systems analyst with ICIANZ, Melbourne
1970-71 University of NSW - uncompleted Arts degree with majors in Sociology and History

1972 Teacher Training with the NSW Department of Education in North Sydney - a condensed course for graduates

The Formative years;

1962 Class Senior of Third Class - the most highly ranked cadet in the second year of the course at Royal Military college Duntroon. And the most punished.

1966 President of the UNSW Labor Club - actively organising the beginnings of the anti Vietnam war, anti-conscription movement on that campus. Organised the LBJ Welcome Committee which stopped the US President's motorcade in Liverpool Street, Sydney. Was under the car when Premier Askin was muttering about "run over the bastards".
1966-67 Honorary Secretary of the UNSW Student's Union responsible for introducing lunchtime entertainment

1967 President of the UNSW Student's Union and co-editor of Tharunka, the Journal of the UNSW Students Union, with Mark Lyons as the other co-editor

1970 Director of Student Publications for the UNSW Students Union when Wendy Bacon et al were editors of Tharunka and using it as a vehicle to successfully challenge NSW censorship laws.

1971 Editor of Tharunka, the Journal of the UNSW Students Union with Rob Andrews and Michael Lucetti - exploring counter cultural themes with many guest editors

1972-73 Director of the Aquarius Festival for the Australian Union of Students with Johnny Allen as Director of the Aquarius Foundation. The Festival was an exposition of the counter cultural lifestyle issues of the times. It was held in Nimbin, NSW and promised to re-cycle that dying town.

Work as a Counter Cultural Entrepreneur

1974 Director of the Reality Construction Company, a community development enterprise on the north coast of NSW which was funded by the Schools Commission through Gordon Lang's Educational Smorgasbord in Ballina. The Company produced the Mt Duval Retreat near Armidale on alternative communities, the Dorrigo Dance Workshop on community dance, a children's festival in Murwillumbah and toured with Nigel Triffitt's Yellow Brick Roadshow.

1976 Founding Secretary of the Rainbow Region Homebuilders Association, which was an Aquarian settler pressure group which successfully negotiated the multiple occupancy land zoning which allowed the new settlers to build hamlet style communities on rural land.

1974 -77 Contributor to the Nimbin News, a weekly roneoed newsletter which reported on the life and times of Nimbin.

1977 Director of Lismore Festival of Arts for the Lismore Arts Council. The Festival was presented with the theme "integration through celebration" brought forth the artistic talents of local kooris and the new Aquarian settlers.

1977 Guest Speaker at the first National Festivals Forum which was organised in Brisbane by the Community Arts Board of the Australia Council.

1977 Host to John Fox and Sue Gill, director of Welfare State International.  Toured by the Australia Council to introduce their ideas and skills in regard to outdoor celebratory theatre, they stayed 3 weeks in Nimbin and directed and produced a New Years celebration which involved a bonfire event at Blue Knob Hall, a Naming Ceremony and some community theatre at the old Butter Factory

1978 Assistant Director of Canberra Week and producer of a spectacle event called The City of Dreams

1978 Producer of the Country and Eastern Bush Music Convention for the Nimbin Folk Club. This was a 2 day outdoor concert in the Nimbin Show Ground at a time when Nimbin new settler music was flowering.

1978 Producer of the Festival of Treelife. This was the opening gambit of the successful anti-logging action which became known as the Battle of Terania Creek. It took place at The Channon market with big puppets telling a story about forest defence. The images were part of the media of the opening blockade and led to shaman role for the author during the four week blockade.

Work in Community Development Elsewhere

1979-80 Celebrations Consultant to the Community Arts Board of the Australia Council and the National Australia Day Committee

1980-81 Administrator for the Drama Action Centre during which time secured funding for, and set up, a theatre group called Common Ground which worked with severely handicapped in the International Year of the Handicapped

1981 Director and designer of a  stilt, mask and drum street theatre piece called The Parliamentary Men which was performed at the Sydney festival, the Adelaide Festival Fringe and the Sydney Biennale. This was the first stilt performance show to work the Australian festival circuit.

1982-85 Community Arts Officer for the City of Campbelltown, the south western suburban frontier of Sydney. The brief was to work at community development of this rapidly developed city using arts as a medium. Graeme's strategy was to set up a number of innovative artist in community programs.

1982-85 Member of the South Western (Metropolitan) Regional Arts Development Committee which addressed itself to arts development issues in the South West of Sydney

1983 Founding Secretary of the Friends of the Campbelltown Art Gallery which was the lobby group which prepared the way for the establishment of the first public art museum in the south west of Sydney as a bicentennial project.

1983 Initiator of Project Campbellsong, an artist in community program which employed musician and composer, John Shortis, to stimulate music making and music teaching in the new suburbs of Campbelltown

1983 Initiator of the Ambarvale Community Gardener Project, an artist in community project which aimed to create common ground for the new residents of this new suburb by having a landscape gardener work with them to establish a landscape aesthetic and generally to help the City of Campbelltown to be innovative in the design of public spaces.

1983 Designer and director of the Battle of the Ghosts, an outdoor theatre spectacle within the Fisher's Ghost Festival.  The project used Commonwealth Employment Project funds to train a team of eight long term unemployed youths to create imaginative festivals in Campbelltown.

1984 Director of the Minto New Year's Eve Celebrations. This was an outdoor community participation, spectacle event which transformed a dysfunctional community celebration which had become a annual brawl between police and residents, into a peaceful and artful community event which attracted positive media and was the source of community pride.

Work in Tourism Development

1985 Festivals Consultant (ADM 7) to the Victorian Tourism Commission. Appointed by Don Dunstan when he was Chairman of the VTC and implementing a tourism strategy as part of the Victorian Economic Strategy. The work involved assisting and advising existing festivals and creating new ones.

1985 Member of the Interdepartmental Working Party for the Cultural Policy as an appointee of the Minister for Industry, Technology and Resources. The Cain Labor Government in Victoria planned to have an Economic Strategy, a Social Justice Strategy and a Cultural Policy in place by the end of its first term. The Cultural Policy was supposed to establish some clear cultural goals and strategies for co-ordinating and aligning the resources of the public sector of Victoria. It comprised representatives from arts, heritage, sport, recreation and tourism.

1985 Member of the City of Melbourne Cultural Development Consultative Committee as an appointee of the Minister for Industry, Technology and Resources. This Committee advised the Melbourne City Council on the allocation of its cultural funding and its cultural resources.
1986 Convenor of the Interdepartmental Consultative Committee on Cultural Tourism This Committee grew out of the Cultural Policy Working Party and gathered managers of Victoria's various publicly owned cultural assets - National Parks, zoos, gardens, heritage buildings, museums, libraries, art collections, sporting facilities and so on - to formulate a cultural tourism strategy.

1987 Initiator and Founding Secretary of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. This festival was the most spectacular success of the VTC festival strategy.  By developing a festival based on an existing cultural competitive strength and by involving the local comedy entrepreneurs, the Government was able to create a cost effective festival which promoted Melbourne as the "comedy Capital" of Australia nationally and internationally.

1987 Initiator and founding secretary of the Victorian Rock Foundation, a Government supported advocacy body for the contemporary music industry of Victorian. As a Bicentennial project, the VRF produced the first Melbourne Music Festival at the Flemington showgrounds.

1987 Convenor of  "Cultural Tourism - New Markets for an Information Age", a conference at which the Minister of Tourism launched the Government's Cultural Tourism Strategy as part of the Economic Strategy for Victoria, "Victoria - the Next Ten Years". This was the first cultural tourism conference in Australia.

1988 Cultural Consultant to the Victorian Tourism Commission after its festival responsibilities were transferred to the Ministry for the Arts. Special brief includes development of tourism based an Victorian Aboriginal cultural heritage.

1988 Convenor of "Aboriginal Culture and Tourism", a conference which took place at Halls Gap in June 1988 and gathered representatives from Aboriginal communities interested in tourism from all around Victoria and South Australia.

1989 Manager, Cultural Tourism (ADM 8) on a new contract reporting to the new Minister for Tourism, Steve Crabbe, to develop Aboriginal cultural tourism in Western Victoria. This task involved negotiating with relevant Aboriginal communities and government agencies about developing aboriginal cultural tourism based on Lake Condah and The Grampians. The project also included renaming the landscape with original Aboriginal names and identifying massacres sites with shrines of atonement.

1989 Project Manager for National Trust Tours Development. This project was funded by the VTC to assist National Trust professionalise its tour operations and establish new tours and new markets.

1989 Consultant to the Commission for the Future on Sustainable Tourism. This Project involved developing the language and theory for sustainability in tourism nationally. It was working towards the establishment of a National Task Force on Sustainable Tourism.

1990 Celebrations Consultant to Wendy Sarkissian and Associates. This was a social planning consultancy which did contract work for the Victorian Urban Land Authority, VicRoads and the Home Builders Association. I produced events (eg."The Timbarra Welcome Home") and reports (eg. "The Goonawarra Story") which won awards from the Royal Australian Planning Institute.

Work in Northern rivers Community Development

1991-93 Founding Director of the Theatre for Social Action an action training program which, based in Lismore, used drama training techniques to prepare people for effective social action, including the production of beautiful outdoor celebratory events. How to change the world, have fun and not burn out. Co-directors: Trina Shields, Jill Trevillian and Jyllie Jackson.

1991 (Jan - May) Desktop Publisher for the Centre for Professional Development and Human Resource management at UNE.NR (now Southern Cross University). The work involved lay out of external teaching  modules and required skill with Apple Hardware and Pagemaker software.

1991-93 Founding Executive Officer for the North Coast Entertainment Industry Association  a music industry advocacy body. The task was to create a sense of common purpose and industry amongst the diverse and dispirit small businesses concerned with the production of live and recorded music in the region.  This was done through the conduct of numerous forums on music industry issues, including a campaign to head off closure of entertainment venues through noise complaints, the presentation of a Musician's Family Picnic, the production of five  newsletters and through media and PR work. In this role produced the first of the now annual North Coast Music Industry Awards (now called the Dolphins) at Byron Bay.

1991-3 Deputy Chairman of the Lismore Arts Trust. In this role organised a search conference involving the Trustees, the Friends of the Gallery and interested service users to set goals for the Gallery. Out of this agreement came the renovations of the Gallery and the opening of  the Gallery Cafe. Also served as Chairman and publicist for the fund raising Spring Arts Ball Committee.

1992 Director of The Shades, a stilt/mask street theatre piece produced through the Theatre of Social Action for World Environment Day

1992 (May) Producer of the North Coast Entertainers Festival in Mullumbimby, a three day show case of north coast entertainment talent.

1992-3 Assistant at the Maleny Folk Festival Fire Event producing giant puppets, training the actors to carry them and organising an ecstatic crowd dance after the burn.

1993 Instructor (unpaid) Festivals Workshop in Bathurst which was funded by the Australia Council and directed by the John Fox and Sue Gill in Australia on sabbatical from Welfare State International, UK. Kaptain Kangaroo made kangaroo costumes and trained actors for the Bathurst Australia Day celebration, The Day the Emu Flew.

1993 Designer and producer of "Fire in the Belly - the Return of the Green Man" which was a piece of outdoor theatre to celebrate the winter solstice and create public awareness of the men's movement. It involved building, parading and burning an eight metre long effigy of Industrial Man.

1993 Convenor of the Music Industry Summit, a forum of entertainment industry peak associations (employers, unions, associations and government advisory bodies) together to address livelihood issues within the industry. Annual Music Industry summits on livelihood issues are now a feature of the Australian music industry.

1993 Director of Aquarius Revisited, a reunion event intended to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Nimbin Aquarius Festival. The event comprised a story telling events, a photographic exhibition opening Some Children of the Dream, an Aquarian Pioneers Ball and a bonfire event. Done without funding and very little Nimbin community support, the aim was to recover Nimbin's Aquarian heritage from a shameful neglect. A lot of favourable national media came out of the event and repositioned Nimbin as a cultural tourism destination.

1994-5 Producer of Lantern Spectacles for the Maleny Folk Festival. This involves conducting participatory lantern workshops on site, organising and leading nightly lantern processions which culminate in a huge and beautiful lantern procession as part of the now famous Fire Event.

1994  Feb Leader and publicist for Boys at the Crossing, a two day bush camp for boys crossing into manhood. This was a men's movement exercise to bring public attention to the movement and the need to pay attention to the boys. Fellow leaders: John Allen, Arne Rubinstein and Rein van de Ruit

1994 Founder of the Lismore Folk Trust as part of a music industry and tourism strategy to create a major music festival, based on the success model of the Maleny Folk Festival.

1993 -4 Director of The Shades, a street theatre piece involving masks, stilts, lanterns and fires at the Maleny Folk Festival

1994 - 5 Director of the Lismore Lantern Festival (1995-6) as a celebration of the winter solstice in Lismore. The festival comprised lead up lantern workshops, an exhibition of lantern art, a lantern parade around the CBD and a fire spectacle on the Wilson River in which a huge sun lantern is brought down the river by the lantern bedecked cruise ship, M.V. Bennelong, and burned - the return of the light.

1994 Maker of Spectacle at the first Lismore Folk Festival. Created a giant bonfire lantern sculpture in the shape of two hands 12 m high to celebrate the International Year of the Family. Also an avenue of lantern stars leading to the big top for the Spring Arts Ball.

1994 Master of Ceremonies and Publicist for A Circle of Men, a three day bush retreat for men attended by 70 men, of whom most had professional responsibilities caring for men and boys. Fellow leaders: David Mowaljarlai, artist and story teller from the Kimberleys, John Allen, Warwick Pudney and Rein van de Ruit.

1994-5 Maker of Festival Street Lighting for the newly developed site of the Maleny Folk Festival at Woodford

1995 Lantern Maker for the Beatification of  Mary McKillop. The Sisters of St Joseph had their own celebration of the beatification of their founder after the Pope had departed. For this I conducted a 10 day lantern making workshop at the Australian Catholic University in North Sydney, working with the Josephite sisters to produce over 1000 lanterns including 40 stars. Fellow lantern maker: Neil Cameron

1995 March Minister for Culture for Nimbin HEMP (Help End Marijuana Prohibition) during the NSW state election campaign to get Prohibition End (aka Bob Hopkins) elected. Responsible for street theatre and TV media. HEMP was able to blitz the local media and get 7.4% of the vote, topping the poll in Nimbin.

1995 Nov Lantern Maker in Residence for the Woodford Street Carnival. A project supported by the Woodford Apex Club and the Queensland Folk Federation to gather local community support for the Woodford-Maleny Folk Festival development. The project transformed an otherwise very dreary street carnival (carnival machines, BBQ stalls and pin wheels) into something beautiful and community involving.

1995-6 Director of the "Old Man Time" Spectacle event of the Byron Bay New Year's Eve Carnival.  Contracted by the Byron Bay Community Safety Committee (a committee of Byron Shire Council) to produce an event to celebrate NYE in a way that was artful, joyful and safe. Involved building, parading and burning a 12 metre long effigy representing the grumpy, old year. Out with the Old in with the New. Huge success. Two years previously NYE in Byron had been celebrated with a drunken riot which brought forth bad media and concerns for community safety.  This event was attracted 10,000 revellers who celebrated joyfully and peacefully. There was no aggression, no arrests and heaps of community pride.

1996 May Contributor to the Nimbin "Let It Grow" Mardi Grass and Drug Law Reform Rally. Produced a Moon Lantern Parade and made the main street of Nimbin magical with lantern light. Also contributed a Police Helicopter on Stilts , a Peace  Dove with a 2.5 m wing span) bearing a ganga leaf and flags to the Mardi Grass parade. The Police Helicopter, which was sculptured from corrugated cardboard, bore the slogan "The War Against Drugs is a War Against the Peaople". This image was carried in all print and TV media reports of the event.

Sep '96 - Jan '97 Director, Bondi Beach Good Tide Carnival, Christmas to New Year. Under contract to Waverley Council, MEC drew  up the Bondi Beach Community Safety Action Plan which recommended a combination of appropriate entertainment and appropriate controls to transform the serious riots of the previous Christmas Day and New Year's eve into joyful, artful and safe celebrations. The Plan won the unanimous support of the Waverely Council and a grant of $150,000 from the NSW Council on Crime Prevention. It has hailed by the NSW Police Commissioner  as community based policing at its best. MEC was responsible for successful production of the events and the implementation of the Plan.

June '97 Convenor, Crowd Friendly Seminar - models, methods and technology for crowd friendly crowd management. This seminar was produced by MEC for the NSW Festivals & Events Association. It attracted 60 professional event producers, crowd controllers, Police and government officers of various kinds from three States.

July '97 - Project Officer, Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs Services, Queensland Health. MEC is contracted to reframe Orientation Week celebrations at Qld universities with a view to reducing alcohol abuse and the harms associated with it. The work comprises talking to many university people, administrators, students, heath officers and college managers to assess issues and to inspire a vision for a new form for the celebrations. An events management training specifically targeting O-week organisers will also be conducted.

Aug '97 - Director, Sunshine Coast Schoolies Festival. MEC is contracted by the Sunshine Coast Community Drug Awareness Network to give form to the annual end of school celebrations so that they are celebrated as an artful and spectacular rite of passage and so marginalise alcohol and drug abuse as the central rite

Dec '97 Street Lighting Coordinator, Woodford Festival

May '97 Crowd Manager Nimbin "Let It Grow" Mardi Grass. Negotiated and implemented a successful crowd management plan with Nimbin Police to minimise harms and reduce the impact of the Mardi Grass on non participating residents of the Nimbin village.

Dec' 97 Lantern Master for the Ballarat Eureka Dawn Walk. Contracted by the Ballarat Fine Art Gallery to revive public participation the existing dawn walk and bring art and ceremony to the commemoration of Australia's inspirational and nation shaping insurrection, the Eureka Stockade of 1854.

Dec' 97 Director, Big Hill Lantern Concert. Volunteer work for the Big Hill Action Group and their opposition to an open pit golf mine proposed by a multi national miner for the centre of Stawell, Victoria, (my mother's home town). The lantern parade mobilised over 500 Stawell people to come out and show their opposition.

Dec '97 Coordinator, Street Lighting, Woodford Festival. Contracted to produce and assemble 100 street lanterns and bamboo poles and oversee the installation and maintenance of "crowd calmer" street lighting at the Festival.

May '99 Commander, Jungle Patrol, Nimbin "Let It Grow" Mardi Grass. Volunteer with overall responsibility for the promotion and production (ambience and crowd management) of the Mardi Grass. The Area Police Commander told the Lismore City Council that "there are not enough police in NSW to stop the Mardi Grass."

May '99 Mission Commander, Cannabus and its Journey to the NSW Drug Summit, Parliament House 17-21 May. The Cannabus carried the Big Joint to Sydney to put cannabis law reform on the agenda of the NSW Drug Summit. The HEMP Embassy set up in The Domain outside of the NSW Premier's office and maintained witness for compassion that led to recommendations being made that have been a turning point in drug abuse policy in NSW.

Publications and Reports

* Editor of Tharunka, the Journal of the UNSW Students Union, 1967 and 1971

* Contributor to National U, the journal of the Australian Union of Students, 1971 and 1973

* "Nimbin: The Vision and the Reality" The Way Out - Radical Alternatives in Australia, edited by Margaret Smith and David Crossley, 1973 Lansdowne Press, Melbourne.

* Contributor to Living Daylights, a weekly edited by Richard Neville, 1974-75.  See in particular the review of the Tamworth Country Music Festival, March 1974

* "In Search of the Sacred" CAPER 3 - an occasional publication of the Community Arts Board of the Australia Council and also published in Simply Living, #17 November 1979

* Contributor Nimbin News, a weekly 'no censorship' newsletter which reported on the Nimbin daze. Weekly contributions 1976-8 See in particular the reports of the Battle of Terania Creek, August 1978

* The Australia Day Festival Manual, published and distributed by the National Australia Day Committee 1979

* "The Theatre of Celebration", Maggie's Farm, a quarterly magazine on Australian  alternatives edited by Pip Wilson, Bellingen, Winter 1983
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* The Goonawarra Story - A Post Occupancy Evaluation of an Urban Land Authority Development, a 1990 report for Sarkissian Associates Planners commissioned by the Urban Land Authority (Victoria). This report was subsequently to win an award from the Royal Australian Planning Institute in 1992

* The Smart Blocks of Timbarra, a 15 minute video scripted, voiced and produced by the author for the Urban Land Authority.  The video is based on the Timbarra Welcome Home event and illustrates the principles of Smart Block house siting to maximise sunlight, privacy and open space on small blocks. The video plus associated documents won the 1991 Charles Latrobe Design for Living Award in the promotion of ideas category for the Urban Land Authority in 1991

* Outcomes - the Newsletter of the Richmond BioRegional Forum. Editor of numbers 1 & 2 1992

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* Trust News - the Newsletter of the Lismore Folk Trust. Editor of numbers 1 through 3, 1994

* Cultural Tourism Development in the Northern River Region - On becoming a Leader rather than a Follower, a discussion paper distributed by the author in response to the Cultural Tourism Seminar presented by the Northern Rivers Regional Development Board 3 Feb 94

* "The Festival Path to Becoming Coastwise", a paper commissioned by the Coastwise Project and included in the report, Coastwise Project - Landscape and Lifestyle Choices for the Northern Rivers Region of NSW. The Coastwise Project was funded by the Australian Conservation Foundation and the Schools of Tourism and Coastal Resource Management at Southern Cross University, November 1994

* Managing Dysfunctional Events a paper prepared for the Bond University based, Australian Institute of Dramatic Arts and presented to the Surfers Paradise Chamber of Commerce in regard to annual disturnbances created by the unmanaged Schoolies Week celebrations and to a public meeting called by Waverly Council in regard to the disturbances associated with the unmanaged celebrations on Bondi Beach on Christmas Day and New Year Eve.

* From Riot to Rio - the Transformation of the Bondi Beach Riots 1995-6  a report and 10 minute video on the success of The Magnificent Events Company's situational crime prevention/ cultural intervention. March 1997

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