Waking up in the Bush

A weekend bush retreat to enliven understanding and replenish the spirit
which took place at Wat Buddhalavarn, Wedderburn, NSW, Australia
Friday 3 through Sunday 5 September 2004


Guided by the Venerable Santithito and Ajahn Wititj Vajrimano John Allan, we were thirteen Dharma farers woke up in the bush. We shared just 48 hours together listening to the Dhamma being expounded, meditating and sharing ceremonies and uplifting friendship.

Wititj is preparing a more detailed report which will be posted at this webpage in due course. Meanwhile here are some photos of the event.


Pre-publicity forWaking Up in the Bush 2004

Photos and report of the first
Waking Up in the Bush Dhamma retreat in September 2003.

Photos and report of the first
Sacred Thread
bush Dhamma retreat.

Pre-publicity for Waking Up in the Bush 2003

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