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Media Release 4 October 2011

Veterans and Ex Service People
to Remember the Dead
of 10 years of war in Afghanistan

To commemorate the 10th anniversary of the US-led war on Afghanistan, veterans and ex service people seeking an end to that war will be laying a wreath at the Sydney Cenotaph

about 1.30 pm Saturday 8 October
Martin Place, Sydney

The War on Afghanistan is the longest war in which Australians have ever been engaged and it is a war with no end promised and none in sight.

"We want to remember the 29 Australians who have been killed there so far in the name of the US Alliance," said Graeme Dunstan, wreath maker and organiser for Stand Fast.

"We want to remember the 78 Australian veterans of US wars who have committed suicide in the past 10 years and the dead men walking with post traumatic stress disorders caused by their war service.

"We also want to remember the estimated 65,000 Afghans who have died as a result of the invasion in the past ten years," he said.

"And in particular we want to remember and lament those Afghan citizens murdered by the Australian Defence Forces in recent kill/capture operations."

We veterans and ex service people are appalled at how the US Alliance has led Australians into endless war and to the colonisation of the Australian Defence Forces by the US military.

We know that WW2 veterans would be shaking their fists in their graves if they knew of the Gillard government's determination to compromise the Australian sovereignty by handing over to the US military the command of Australian bases on Australian soil.

End the lies! End the wars! End the US Alliance!

Further information
Hamish Chitts, spokesperson Stand Fast 0401 586 923
Graeme Dunstan, wreath maker and organiser, 0407 951 688


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