Former psychiatric nurse. Kaye Bennett , speaks about her experience of PTSD
at the Bandiana Stand Fast Speak Out 29 October 2010<


Media Release 2 November 2010

Veterans and ex service people say:
'Just say NO!' to Clinton and Gates

Stand Fast, the national association of veterans and ex-service people against the Afghan and Iraq wars, is demanding that PM Gillard "Just say NO!" to US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, and Defence Secretary, Robert Gates, when they meet in Melbourne next Monday 8 November.

"NO! to more Australian troops being sent to Afghanistan, NO! to more Australian tax dollars being squandered there and NO! to the Australian troops staying there any longer there," said Hamish Chitts, East Timor veteran and spokesperson for Stand Fast .

"That pair are war junkies and their War on Terror rhetoric has become like some thread bare and tattered bogeyman costume which has seen too many Halloweens and no longer inspires fear or respect," he said.

"As Wikileaked documents show the Obama administration, like the Bush administration before it has been lying to the people of the US and its allies, about the conduct and progress of the Afghan war," said Chitts. "It never was and never will be winnable and it goes from bad to worse."

"Endless war means endless funerals," he said. "It also means a huge and costly legacy in terms service people permanently damaged by stress and trauma related disorders, which will be a burden to be borne by the service people themselves and by their families, their communities and their workplaces across generations."

Stand Fast says: Support the troops! Bring them home! End the lies. End the wars. End the US Alliance.

Photo Opportunity
Stand Fast will be conducting the fifth in its campaign of Barrack gate Speak Outs at Puckapunyal Army Base near Seymour, Victoria

from noon Friday 5 November 2010

Further information
Hamish Chitts, spokesperson and founder Stand Fast 0401 586 923
Graeme Dunstan, , Speak Out organiser, 0407 951 688
Laurie Kelly / Kate Tonicia, Picking Up the Peaces PTSD Support group, 0410 900 433


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