Hamish Chitts at the Holdsworthy Barracks Stand Fast Speak Out 24 September 2010.


Media Release 15 October 2010

Bearing witness to the truth and
the lies of the Afghan War

Veterans, ex-service people, concerned families and friends of serving soldiers and opponents of the Afghan war generally, will be occupying the lawns of Parliament House when the debate about the nine-year-long occupation of Afghanistan by Australian forces begins next Tuesday 19 October

The Speak Out will be hosted by Stand Fast, the national association representing veterans and ex service people opposed to the Afghan and Iraq Wars.

It will assemble at noon and go through to 2 pm when the debate begins in the Lower House

"We are inviting elected representatives of both Houses to come and address us before they enter the House for the debate," said Stand Fast SpeakOut organiser Graeme Dunstan.

"We want to bear witness to their truth. Or their ongoing lies, as the case may be."

"In particular we challenge Prime Minister Gillard to come defend her widow-making determination to "stay the course in Afghanistan" in front of ex-soldiers.

"Easy for her to say. Bloody lethal for soldiers to do," said Dunstan. "And futile."

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