Friends for peace outside Lavarack Barracks 13 July 2010


Speaking Out against the Afghan War
at Lavarack Barracks

Townsville, 13 November 2010

Regrettably the Lavarack Barracks Speak Out was not written up. But it was well reported at the time. Here below what the Townsville Bulletin had to say.

Bryan Law and Maragaret Pestorius of Cairns Peace by Peace came south to support the action

Also David Lowe, local organiser for the Socialist Alliance and local candidate in the federal elections of 21 November 2010

Our hosts in Townsville were two. Jenny Stirling the elected convenor of the Queensalnd Greens and John Paiwan, poet and activist. Jenny gave us broadband access and John was our local guide. He helped us paint up a banner in his driveway of his mother's house in the suburb of Garbutt. The Garbutt Embassy Marie and I named it. I had met John Paiwan at the Aboriginal Tent Embassy in 2008.

Marie Jack of Burringbah was my companion on the journey north. Trained as a draughtsperson, she proved a very able banner painter.

On John's recommendation we camped at a beach juest north of Townsville. Sunrise over tropical seas and Magnetic Island across the water. Just perfect.

On John's recommendation we also took a stall at the weekly market in the Townsville showground. John is a regular stall holder there and much loved. We were well received and made some good contacts including Peter Boggles, recycling garbo man at the 1973 Aquarius Festival, the first of the kind.

Peter "Boggles" folds Stand Fast flyers.


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