Media Release 28 November 2008

Mick Keelty burns at dawn

A cardboard effigy of AFP Commissioner Mick Keelty will be burned at the Eureka Memorial at dawn next Wednesday 3 December, the 154th anniversary of the Eureka rebellion.

"The burning will signal the start of a new and intensified campaign to demand an end to the Bush/Howard Terror War, the sacking of Keelty, and the repeal of the Howard Terror War legislation which stripped away so many hard won rights and liberties," said effigy maker and burner, Graeme Dunstan of

"With the shelving of the report of the Clark Inquiry by Attorney General McClelland and his endorsement of the Mick Keelty continuing as AFP Commissioner, the Rudd government has revealed itself to be flaky and weak when it comes to protecting rights and liberties of Australians," said Dunstan.

Starting in Ballarat at the Eureka memorial at dawn on 154th anniversary of the Eureka rebellion, Dunstan intends to travel the country, setting up public place speak outs against the ongoing Terror of the Rudd government, making and burning effigies of Commissioner Keelty till either he resigns or is sacked.

Dunstan considers himself as a Eureka flagman and he regards the Eureka rebellion as a core Australian story and a living tradition when it comes to fighting to defend rights and liberties.

For ten years he has been a visible contributor to the annual commemoration or the Eureka commemorations in Ballarat and he has caused the Southern Cross flag to be flown at protest events as the diverse as Sydney APEC October 2007, Newcastle Climate Camp June 2008, "Bring Hicks Home/Bring Howard Down" rally Canberra February 2007 and the 2008 Nimbin Mardi Grass.

Dunstan's vehicle, is both a blog and a mobile home, which carries signage reading "End the Terror!/Sack Keelty!/Cuff the AFP!" He has already conducted Speak Outs on this theme outside the AFP HQ in Canberra, one in February and the other in September.

"I know from the responses I get from passers-by on the road and what I read from the pundits of the non-Murdoch media that the Terror War has lost all credibility and that many, many Australians want an end to the lies and an end to the racism and fear mongering upon which it was based," he said.

"The longer the Terror War pretense is maintained and the longer the abuses of power by the AFP under Keelty are denied, the worse it gets from here for both the Rudd government and Keelty," he said.

Further Information
Graeme Dunstan 0407 951 688 outside AFP HQ Canberra, 8 September 2008


Report of Keelty Speak Out at AFP HQ Canberra, 8 September 2008

Report of Keelty Speak Out at AFP HQ Canberra, 14 February 2008

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