Resurrection at Lake Cowal
A report of the Corroboree and Protest
at the Barrick Gold mine at Lake Cowal, NSW, Australia
Easter 6-9 April 2007


The new front gate of Barrick Gold's mine at Lake Cowal, one of the tailings dams in the background. Welcome to toxicity! 8 April 2007

More words coming. Here's the pics

Warm farewell as Happy Wheels departs Nimbin, 4 April 2007

Uncle Neville "Chappie" Williams and Barrick Gold watcher, Jane Morrison, 7 April 2007

Charisse Venerables camp and her son Chris, 7 April 2007

Protest in Condobolin outside the offices of the Wiradjuri Cultural and Heritage Council Inc, 7 April 2007. That's Mark Powell with Chappie and Uncle Sibby (Albert Johnson) at the mike

Planning and rehearsing for the actions on Easter Sunday, 8 April 2007.

A smoking ceremony dedication before departing for the actions,8 April 2007. set up at the Barrick front gate while the rest went to the old gate for the Easter Sunday actions, 8 April 2007. My companion is Arabic journalist, Fadeel Kayat. We got to blockade briefly a lime truck which arrived as a surprise to the mine management; there were no other supply transports that day.

Protesters sitting in the shade of banners on the fence beside the old mine gate waiting for news of those who had invaded the site, 8 April 2007. Apologies: it's the only photo I have of the actions.

On the morning of Easter Monday, the three monkeys, Ollie, Chris and Oscar, were playing in Happy Wheels when four West Wyalong police arrived without notice in the camp to make further arrests. We blockaded the paddy wagon and released their prisoner.

Chappie at the farewell circle and Fadeel talking up further resistance. Easter Monday 9 April 2007.

Number 3 Pumping Station about 40 km from Barrick's mine. This and nearby Pumping Stations 1 and 2 pump water from an underground acquifer Bland Paleochannel. Photo taken 10 April 2007.

Number 4 Pumping Station in Websters Road, Jemalong, pumps both from a bore and from a Jemalong irrigation channel which takes water from the Lachlan about 50 km away. Photo taken 10 April 2007.

This is a close up of the meter of Number 4 Pumping Stations showing it was pumping water from the Lachlan River at a rate of 596.7 cubic meters per hour. Photo taken 10 April 2007.

Farewell to Fadeel at the Bathurst Railway station. He travelled with Happy Wheels and we come via Orange, camping overnight at the Pinnacle, sharing Rumi over a campfire. Photo taken 11 April 2007.

For the Earth!

To the dust!

Graeme Dunstan
Cyanide Watch

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