Media Release 27 December 2012

Holy Innocents - remembering the child deaths of war

While most people are recovering from Christmas Day or deeply immersed in the Boxing Day Test, in the Melbourne War Memorial Precinct a colourful procession of Christians and Buddhists will be remembering the children killed and traumatised in war.

Called the Holy Innocents Peace Procession, it will assemble at the gates of Victoria Barracks, parade to Federation Square and return via the Shrine of Remembrance.

10am - 11.30 am Friday 28 December 2012

"On December 28 the Church commemorates the Holy Innocents, the children killed by King Herod out of fear and desperation to maintain his power and status," said Rev. Simon Moyle of the GraceTree Community of Coburg.

"But these days it is a part of the Christmas story which gets little attention in churches and is generally forgotten in post-Christmas recovery, shopping sprees and cricket broadcasts."

"We celebrate it as a day to remember all the innocent people killed by today’s Herods, who consider such children to be acceptable collateral damage in their quest for power and security."

"Children are still the most deeply affected by wars around the globe," he said.

"For example in the current drone war presently being conducted covertly by President Obama, strikes in Pakistan have killed an estimated 850 civilians including 176 children, in Yemen 1000 civilians including 171 children and in Somalia 170 civilians including 57 children."

"We want to make some space in our post-Christmas calendar to remember the victims of global warmaking, and to encourage one another to acts of nonviolent resistance."

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