Media release 2 July 2013

Capricornia Greens candidate calls
for independence from the US Surveillance State

Capricornia Greens candidate, Paul Brambrick, will celebrate Independence from America Day with a public call for an Australia more independent of US wars and US spies

at the Independence from America Day Speak Out
from 11 am Thursday 4 July 2013
at Western Barracks, Caroona Street, Rockhampton

In particular he will be calling for independence from the "US Surveillance State" and from the US persecution of whistle blowers like Australian citizen and Victorian senate candidate, Julian Assange and now the US citizen Edward Snowden.

"'Turnkey tyranny' is how Edward Snowden described the work he was doing as a systems analysis for the National Security Agency (NSA); total surveillance of any and all US citizens and, as we have learned from his disclosures, Australian citizens too."

"The Snowden disclosures reveal a massive national security overreach. All our emails are being snooped by NSA, even deleted ones, and all our phone calls are being bugged," said Mr Bambrick.

"The terrible truth is that Australian governments, Liberal and Labor, have been complicit in this illegal surveillance by the US spy agency on Australian citizens.

"In the name of the US Alliance and national security, they have consistently shown themselves to be more loyal to the US Embassy and its intelligence agencies in Canberra than to the Australian people."

"I am deeply concerned that 20,000 US soldiers are coming to the Rockhampton region for Talisman Sabre and yet the Status of Forces Agreement, the document which defines the legal liability of US service people who commit crimes in Australia, is, as a requirement of the US State Department, being kept secret from the Australian people," he said.

Further information
Paul Bambrick, Greens Candiate for Capricornia 0457 270 408
Graeme Dunstan, Speak Out organiser,, 0407 951 688

Media Release 1 July 2013

Calling for an Independent and Peaceful Australia

Come Fourth of July in Rockhampton, Independence from America Day will be celebrated with a Speak Out at the gates of Western Barracks where preparations for the upcoming Talisman Sabre US-Australia war rehearsals are now underway.

from 11 am Thursday 4 July 2013
Western Barracks, Caroona Street, Rockhampton

"The fruit of unquestioning subservience to the US military alliance by the major political political parties has delivered Australians 12 years of costly, bloody and futile war," said Speak Out organiser, Graeme Dunstan of

"Forty Australian soldiers dead in Afghanistan, over 200 maimed physically, as yet unknown thousands permanently afflicted with PTSD and at a cost to taxpayers in excess of $31billion."

"And for what? Can anyone point to anything enduringly good that has come from this squandered treasure and wasted blood?", he asks.

"Time to ask the questions that the party politicians are afraid to ask and the Murdoch media suppresses," he says.

"Time to think outside the box."

"Time to separate the interests of the US empire from the long term interests of Australians."

"Time to speak up and speak out."

"And what better time and place to be doing it than at the gates of Western barracks as our army prepares for the massive US-led training exercise in 'interoperability' by which is meant the moulding of the Australian Defence Force as a proxy army in the continuing service of US imperial interests."

Open mike. Democracy at work.

Further information
Graeme Dunstan,, 0407 951 688


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