Media release 2 July 2014

4 July: Independence from the USA Day

The bloody, costly and futile US-led war in Afghanistan has claimed another victim - this one a SAS trooper who likely shot himself.

In response a local call is being made for a rethink of the US Alliance and less compliance in US-led wars.

Itinerant peace activist Graeme Dunstan of Peacebus will be convening a public SpeakOut to give local citizens the opportunity to be visible and heard expressing their concerns about the toxic consequences of the US-Australia alliance

from 11 am Friday 4 July 2014
Western Street Barracks, Rockhampton.

"This is what i expect will be said, loud and clear at the barrack gates" said Mr Dunstan.

  • No more Australian support for US regime change interventions;
  • No more spending our taxes on US-made flying lemon war planes and other costly armaments;
  • No more US military bases (or "lily-pads" on Australian soil; and
  • No more spending of our taxes to build and service those bases and lily-pads.
  • He is styling the event as an celebration of Independence from the USA Day and as "a preemptive strike for peace".

    "Unquestioning subservience to the US military alliance by the major political political parties, the bureaucracy and the military has delivered Australians 13 years of costly, bloody and futile war," said Mr Dunstan.

    "Forty two Australian soldiers dead, over 200 maimed, as yet unknown thousands permanently afflicted with PTSD and a cost to taxpayers of in excess of $31billion."

    "And for what? Can anyone point to anything enduringly good that has come from this squandered treasure and wasted blood?", he asks.

    "Time to ask the questions that the party politicians are afraid to ask and the Murdoch media suppresses," he says.

    "Time to think outside the box."

    "Time to separate the interests of the US empire from the long term interests of Australians."

    "Time to speak up and speak out."

    Open mike. Democracy at work.

    Further information
    Graeme Dunstan 0407 951 688


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