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Peacebus.com travels the country with bamboo poles on the roof rack and a bunch of flags and banners under Graeme's bunk. Thus he can readily and artfully occupy public place and transform it with colour and significance for the occasion.

Furthermore the flags give height and dignity to parades. The 4.2 m poles sometimes give police a problem - they fear they might be used as weapons. This has never been the case for Peacebus.com flags and Graeme asserts the right to freedom of assembly and also the freedom of artful assembly.

Graeme designs and makes the flags himself and sometimes in collaboration with his daughter for special occasions and needs. Here below some of the flag and banner designs and their stories.


The Eureka banner flag was designed by Graeme in 2002 and sewn up to visually enhance the Eureka Dawn Walk for which he had been lantern making since 1998.

In 2004 as part of the preparations for the 150th anniversary of the Eureka rebellion and in association with the Eureka Stockade Memorial Association, he set up a flag sewing circle which produced 20 of them.


Also for the 150th anniversary of the Eureka rebellion in 2004, Graeme designed and painted up a "Reinvent Democracy" banner that has been flown often since.

Graeme uses Adobe Illustrator to design the banner then marks it out by scaling the image up from the computer screen, masks out the lettering with masking tape and paints the background first using fabric inks. As opposed to acrylic paint, ink colours glow when the light is behind them.


These Anarchist A flags were produced for Dr Joe Toscano of the Melbourne based, Anarchist Media Institute in 2005. Graeme's daughter, graphic designer, Softly Dunstan, did the design. The elements of the flags, the half Eureka flag and the Anarchist A were screen printed separately and then sewn together.

Also designed by Softly and made up by Graeme was a Eureka Oath banner 240 cm wide by 180 cm deep.

Dr Joe's Eureka principles were also screen printed as a banner 100 cm wide by 200 cm deep. The screen printing was done at Megalo Access Arts Studio in Canberra


In October 2008 Graeme made up flags for the Newcastle climate change action group Rising Tide, again with design assistance from his clever as a monkey designer daughter, Softly Sigh. They were first used at the action to close the Bayswater Power Station near Muswellbrook, NSW, 1 November 2008

Graeme also painted up a Cut Carbon banner for that action. again it was designed by his daughter Softly. The Wilderness Society in Newcastle gave him workshop space.



Designs by Softly Sigh Price and Graeme Dunstan who also moonlights as
captain of Peacebus.com.

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