Media release 3 August 2012

Owen Gale's take on jet noise

Residents angered and frustrated at the constant noise created by the military aircraft engaged in Operation Pitch Black, are intending to gather evidence of exactly how loud and offensive that noise is. They intend to measure and record noise levels at locations in suburban areas of Darwin outside the Air Force base. This will take place today, Friday 3rd August 2012 at Karu Park, Coconut Grove.

"The noise of fighter jets taking off and landing is deafening, and residents I meet door knocking are telling me of their anger," said Greens Candidate for Nightcliff, Owen Gale.

"No other Australian city would tolerate such oppressive noise from the military. Why should Darwin be made to suffer war games in our skies? But the noise is just an indication of what's coming, with a full Marine Corps task force of 2500 to be based at Robertson Barracks, and flagged US Air Force element at RAAF Base Tindal." said Mr Gale.

"Residents are concerned that the decision of the Federal government to allow around 2500 US soldiers to be based in Darwin was made without any consultation or democratic process."

"The feedback I am receiving is that Nightcliff residents are deeply concerned about the prospect of an increasing foreign military presence. The public were promised a Social Impact Assessment to provide a framework for defining and addressing the likely burden posed by the base, but so far we havenŐt seen it."

"To give the voters of Nightcliff a voice on this issue, I am making it a fundamental part of my campaign for the NT elections. Local voters deserve a representative who's not afraid to try to draw some boundaries around the growing foreign military presence."

ŇI call on other candidates to match my demand for an open, honest and transparent Social Impact Assessment before the next rotation of marines arrive."

Owen Gale: 0427 197 605
Bharath Ragothaman: 0435 915 345


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