21- 26 April 2014 various Canberra venues
Free camping and by-donation catering
hosted by the Aboriginal Tent Embassy

How may we create an independent and peaceful Australia?

How may we promote a foreign policy which builds peace and nonviolent resolutions to conflict in our region and beyond.

If these questions are close to your heart, come to Canberra and join in a national convergence of peace advocates and activists this Easter-Anzac.

Expect this extended gathering of peace activists and peace makers to reflect on the state of peace in our times, to build movement and to plan action for peace in this time of escalating militarism, government lies and preparations for war.


Downloadable flyer here.

  • Monday 17-21 April from 11 am
    IPAN Information Stall
    at the National Folk Festival, Exhibition Park in Canberra, 160 Lysaght Street, Mitchell ACT
  • Courtesy of Unions ACT, IPAN will have an information stall at the National Folk Festival. There you can introduce yourself, help out, learn more about the ideas behind the Canberra Peace Convergence and join the peace and independence dialogue.

  • Monday 21-26 April from 11 am
    Peace Activist Camp
    at the Aboriginal Tent Embassy, Old Parliament lawns and adjacent Rose Gardens, I King Georges Terrace, Barton, ACT
  • We are honored to be invited by Auntie Jenny Munro, sister of the late and long time matriarch of the Tent Embassy, Isabel Coe, to camp at the Tent Embassy during Canberra Peace Convergence 2014.

    Auntie Jenny expects to be in residence for the duration of the Convergence with Glen Longbottom serving as Keeper of the Sacred Fire. No charge will be made for camping but respect for the Embassy and its Sacred Fire protocols will be expected and campers will be invited to sign a Natural Law Treaty with the Embassy before they depart. See below.

    The Embassy will serve us as free camp and a venue for meetings and organsing actions. Showers and toilets are near by. Elias Alias Camp Catering will be coming up Tasmania to provide basic vegetarian/Vegan catering on a donation for meals basis. Auntie Rissah and Uncle Winiata Puru will be assisting.

    Help with set up during the proceeding week will be appreciated. We need to borrow marquees, chairs and a mobile cool room. Bring food to share.

    Contact: for set up Graeme Dunstan 0407 951 688 graemed01@gmail.com
    for catering Elias: 0434 290 649 eliraaf@gmail.com

  • Monday 21-26 April from 11 am
    Peace Convergence @ Silver Wattle
    1063 Lake Road, Bungendore
  • During the Peace Convergence, Silver Wattle will be hosting Quakers and others witnessing for peace, sharing our stories of despair, hope, action and witness underpinned by faith, compassion and commitment to justice. You are invited to bring something to share during the week from your own experience and commitment.

    Some of us will share in peace actions, community building and the IPAN conference, while others will elect to hold a space of reflection, spiritual sharing and discernment about faith-based peace witness. Transport can be arranged for those wishing to attend the IPAN conference on Tuesday 22 April, activities at the Tent Embassy on Wednesday 23, and the Peace Vigil on Anzac Eve.

    Contact: For accommodation details contact Silver Wattle on 02 62380588 or office@silverwattle.org.au.

  • Monday thru Saturday 21-26 April
    Peace Convergence Special Guest - VINCE EMANUELE
    speaking at the IPAN Conference, speaking more and hanging out at the Peace Activist Camp at the Aboriginal Tent Embassy, Old Parliament House Lawns, 1 King Edward Terrace, Barton, ACT.
  • Vince Emanuele is a former US Marine who served two tours of duty in Iraq and who refused to do a third. He is now the organiser for the Michigan chapter of Veterans for Peace, and a Chicago area organiser of Iraq Veterans against the War.

    Vince undertook a four city public speaking tour of Australia, 2-19 July, speaking out about the real and ongoing human cost of war and militarism. He was in Rockhampton during the biennial US-led Talisman Sabre military exercises begin at Shoalwater Bay. Here a video of Vince speaking outside Western Street Barracks on 15 July 2013

  • Monday 21 April from 11 am
    Inaugural annual meeting of the
    Independent and Peaceful Australia Network (IPAN)

    Conference Room, Unions ACT, 189 Flemington Road, Mitchell, ACT 02 247 7844
  • Hosted by IPAN, there will be meetings of national delegates of IPAN and interested citizens welcome. A report on past actions, present status and strategising for the future. Preparation for next day's Conference.
    Annette Brownlie 0431 597 256 annettebrownlie@optusnet.com.au

  • Tuesday 22 April from 8.30 am
    National Peace and Independence Conference:
    "Towards a Peaceful and Independent Australia"

    Conference Room, Unions ACT, 189 Flemington Road, Mitchell, ACT 02 247 7844
  • A one day conference hosted by IPAN on 22 April covering such themes as militarism and sustainability, the cost of the US alliance, the Asian Pivot and US bases. Downloadable Conference program here. Registration required. $50 registration fee with generosity for the unwaged.
    Annette Brownlie 0431 597 256 annettebrownlie@optusnet.com.au

  • Wednesday 23 April from 9.30 am
    Peace Activist Open Space
    Aboriginal Tent Embassy, Old Parliament House Lawns, 1 King Edward Terrace, Barton, ACT
  • A day of peace movement searching and peace movement building. A guided meeting process aimed at hearing all the voices of all the Peace Convergence participants and at identifying the issues that have brought us forth and the campaigns of peace current and yet to come.

    Graeme Dunstan 0431 597 256 graemed01@peacebus.com also Greg Rolles 0439 823 898 greg_rolles@hotmail.com

  • Thursday 24 April from 6 am
    Waging Peace on War - a day of action in Canberra
    assembling at Aboriginal Tent Embassy, Old Parliament House Lawns, 1 King Edward Terrace, Barton, ACT.
  • A social media, race for peace. A world record attempt for the most protests by a single group in a single city in a single day. Hosted and organised by the Melbourne based Whistleblowers, Activists and Citizen's Alliance (WACA).

    Expect this to be a dash by a small and disciplined convoy which, starting at the Sacred Fire of Peace and Justice at 6 am, will hurtle around Canberra to the selected targets - peace offending government and defence offices, embassies and armaments manufacturers, you name it - to display placards, speak out, dance a protest ... and take selfies.
    Sam Castro 0439 569 289 wacacontact@gmail.com also Greg Rolles 0439 823 898 greg_rolles@hotmail.com

    If you are into moving fast and FaceBook savvy, this may be the show for you. No obligation to join. Feel free to organise your own action around your own peace issues at your own Canberra target.

  • Thursday 24 April 10 am to 4 pm
    Silver Wattle Day of Reflection and Sharing
    Silver Wattle Quaker Centre, 1063 Lake Road, Bungendore
  • Anzac Eve and the Silver Wattle Quakers invite those who want to reflect and focus on spiritual preparedness for witnessing against war to come and share with us at Silver Wattle, in preparation for the Peace Vigil that evening. The day will include:

  • Discussion on the Quaker Peace Testimony and their objection to war
  • Stories of radical action and civil disobedience both historical and recent
  • Discernment on one's role in peace making and activism, and one's response to the place of Anzac in our society and in our future
  • Times of reflection and silence
  • At 4.30 we will travel to Mt Ainslie for the Peace Vigil at the War Memorial. Please join us - we ask for a contribution of $20 towards lunch (unless staying here) or bring something to share.

    Contact: Silver Wattle on 0262380588 or office@silverwattle.org.au

  • Thursday 24 April from 5.30 pm for a 6.15 pm departure
    Anzac eve Peace Vigil
    assembling on the top of Mt Ainslie @ sunset pm for a lantern lit procession to the Australian War Memorial and beyond. Further information here:

  • Contact:
    Graeme Dunstan 0407 951 688 graemed01@gmail.com

    The fourth annual. With song, poetry and personal story-telling about a fire in the AMW Forecourt, we will re imagine Anzac, seek and find the common ground of lament. For all the dead and maimed of all the wars. Every family, everyone, is touched and shaped by the trauma of war and the grief crosses generations. Lest we forget ...

    Lanterns provided. Song and mood courtesy Canberra's A Chorus of Women. A beautifully shot and edited vimeo by local filmmaker, Ellie Gilbert, of the inaugural 2011 Vigil and Frontiers Wars March here. Here a vimeo of the 2012 events.

  • Thursday 24 April from about 8 pm departure
    A Canberra Conversation: "Remembering war - seeking peace"
    around a campfire outside West Block, cnr Constitution Avenue and Anzac Parade, Reid.
    Contact: Janet Salisbury 0416 167 280 janet.salisbury@biotext.com.au
  • After our ceremony in the Australian War Memorial forecourt we will parade south down Anzac Avenue to an assembly place outside West Block the old and maybe current ASIO offices. There about a camp fire we will relax, share food and beverage and be drawn into a themed conversation hosted by Janet Salisbury of A Chorus of Women.

    "Remembering war - seeking peace" will be the theme and it will be an inclusive continuation of the Canberra Conversation begun at Manning Clark House on 15 April. Details here.

    The Peace Vigil will, for those who want to stay awake, go through the night and be a presence in Anzac Avenue when those assembling for the annual Dawn Servicer arrive and depart.

  • Friday 25 April from about 10 am
    "Lest We Forget the Frontier Wars" Anzac Day March

    assembling outside West Block, cnr Constitution and Anzac Parade, Reid.
    Contact: Ghillar Michael Anderson 0427 292 492 ghillar29@gmail.com
  • Led by Nyoongar Ghurradjong Murri Ghillar (Michael Anderson), an original founder of the Aboriginal Tent Embassy and now a leading voice on Aboriginal Sovereignty issues, participants will be invited to carry flags, banners and massacre naming placards and join the March and its call for recognition by the Australian War Memorial of the dead of Australia's undeclared Frontier Wars.

    The March will follow the 11 am Anzac Day March and, with dignity and respect follow it to the Australian War Memorial. Our action will bear witness to a fact. It is not a protest; rather it is an idea whose time has come.

    Please wear black. Make and bring a placard which records the colonial massacres in your district. If you can't come in person, email Graeme Dunstan graemed01@gmail.com the details and he will get the placard made up and carried.

  • Friday 25 April from about 2 pm
    Treaty-ing for Peace

    at the Sacred Fire of Peace and Justice at the Aboriginal Tent Embassy, Old Parliament House lawns, 1 King Georges Terrace, Barton
  • Not just remembering the undeclared Frontier Wars but ending them. Make a personal dedication to peace with First Nation peoples of Australia. A Natural Law Treaty which recognises Aboriginal Sovereignty will be offewred for signing. It's a contract between willing individuals and the Tent Embassy. Treaty text downloadable here.
    Contact: Jenny Munro 0404 298 588


    Canberra Peace Convergence FaceBook group page

    Ellie Gilbert's Vimeo of the 2011 Anzac Eve Peace Lantern Vigil and Frontier Wars March

    Ellie Gilbert's Vimeo of the 2012 Anzac Eve Peace Lantern Vigil and Frontier Wars March

    Doing best we can.
    For peace! For justice! For the Earth!