Infographic courtesy of New Internationalist

Media Release 15 April 2012
Demanding a peace dividend

An open mike, Speak Out will take place outside Australian Defence HQon the Global Day of Action on Military Spending:

12.30 - 2 pm next Tuesday 17 April 2012
under the "rabbit ears" in Blamey Square, Russell, ACT

Organiser Graeme Dunstan of will be calling on Defence HQ to hand over a "peace dividend".

"After 11 years of murder, abduction, torture and general terrorising of the Afghan people, the Australian army will soon be withdrawing," says Mr Dunstan, a former Duntroon cadet and long time peace activist.

"It will be an army intact and only a little bloodied, but none the less an army defeated. The Taliban have prevailed. Mission unaccomplished. "

"Cut the hubris, cut the waste" is what Mr Dunstan will be demanding outside Defence. "Hand over the $1 million per soldier per year that is presently being squandered in Afghanistan on keeping troops safe for career opportunities and future pension benefits."

"Let's invest in peace making instead."

Mr Dunstan will be but one voice. He is inviting anyone with a beef about the self serving profligacy and the general out-of-control incompetence, corruption and incapability of the Department of Defence to come say it out loud.

And if that you can't be there in person, Mr Dunstan is inviting expressions of outrage via SMS (0407 951 688) or Tweet (#gdamsoz) and these will be announced over the Peacebus PA.

Further information
Graeme Dunstan 0407 8951 688

Tweet #gdamsoz

Infographic courtesy of New Internationalist

Dr Sue Wareham and Graeme Dunstan, GDAMS SpeakOut @ Defence HQ, 17 April 2011