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The present vehicle of is a 1994 Mitsubishi L300 van called "Happy Wheels".

Its original vehicle was a Toyota Coaster which was a gift to Rainbow Region social activism by philanthropist Tony Spanos, former defacto street major of South Sydney and proprietor of the legendary, Graffiti Hall of Fame. Tony had a coach called Peacebus with which he transported activists to actions far and wide..

'French' Sam Bernard, the founder of the Nimbin HEMP Embassy's famous Hemp Bar was its first benefactor.

Artists Elspeth Jones and Helen Rodriguez painted the original murals on the Toyota - on one side the Nimbin rocks, and on the other, Timbarra sacred mountain.

For each mission new livery and banners were prepared. Here are some samples.

On 2 September 2002 the Toyota Coaster was wrecked on the Pacific Highway on its way to the NSW Parliament in Sydney to bear witness for endangered species.

Too battered, rust ridden and mechanically aged to ever be re-registered, the old girl rusts in a Nimbin paddock, not even a shadow of its former glory.

For two years, 2001 through 2002, Graeme's travelling companions included two sheep, Molly and Jolly, which travelled in a trailer and were minded by Jennifer the Maremma. The sheep and the dog are no more.

Photos of in action 2000-2.

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Other writings of the captain.

For peace! For justice! For the Earth!