30A - Acting locally to bear witness to global corporate greed

From 5 pm Tuesday 30 August through to 2 September the 30A mobilisation of mass dissent will occupy the forecourt of the Sydney Opera House.

The 30A mobilisation will be a mass expression of citizen concern about the escalation of globalisation of corproate greed and paralellel prolieration of war and poverty, the piracy of public assets, the pillage of natural resouces, the decline in government service and the rise of incarceration and torture.

It will gather and bear witness for peace, justice and the Earth on the forecourt while Steve Forbes gathers 300 of the world's top war profiteers and masters of corporate greed for a Global CEO Conference.

Steve Forbes is the neo conservative, Project for a New American Century, Republican presidential candidate, the non-blinking "non-human" whom Michael Moore parodied. Steve Forbes is also an institution, an empire of business publishing, PR and conferencing. In other words the propaganda machine for the New American Century Project. See www.forbes.com/conferences The Sydney Opera House will be his oyster and Premier Carr will be his host. PM Howard will be there at the opening to welcome him too. Courtiers all.

We who dissident from the Forbes dream of the full spectrum global dominance of a neo conservative American Empire will be there too.

One of the excited particles amongst the many who will be occupying public space to make dissent visible and heard will Peacebus.com. Speaking up and speaking out, making art and building sustainable resistance.

The primary organising group is a Left Green affiliation of folk with lots of big event experience.

Prominent are Bruce Knobloch (International Socialist Organisation); Vince Caughley (also of the International Socialist Organisation and organiser of the annual Sydney Social Forums); Damien Lawson, staffer for Green Senator Kerry Nettle and a major organiser of the Melbourne 2000 s11 and Kirsten Cameron, one of the Dura Bookshop Collective and major organiser for the Sydney 2002 M1 and 2003 M2; and Kris, a self described Situational Anarchist, stencil artist and grassroots resistance artsworker.

Called the 30A Network it meets weekly on Tuesday evenings upstairs at the Gaelic Club in Devonshire Street, Surry Hills, Sydney, a dingy Irish bar with a delightful barman and a palatable Guiness on tap: an entirely appropriate place to be fermenting revolt against imperial elites. The meetings are open all with energy to offer to resistance building. Just turn up and introduce yourself

www.30A.org is the organising website. Check it out. If you want to become more closely informed, get yourself subscribed to the 30A organising email list by emailing Vince @ vince_caughley@yahoo.com

All participants at these planning meetings want 30A to be a mass mobilisation that draws participation and contribution from the broadest range of individuals and organisations discontent with the warring, the resource piracy, the poverty making, the Earth destroying, and the torture and incarceration of these jail building neo conservative corporate elites.

"Joyful artful and safe" is the Peacebus.com credo for occupying public space for movement building ends.

30A Creative Workshop

To that end the Peacebus.com captain, Graeme Dunstan, will be leading a 30A Creative Workshop in the 4 weeks of August leading up to the 30A mobilisation which will begin on 5 pm Tuesday 30 August and occupy the Opera House forecourt for the next two days and nights.

The aim is to make the occupation a carnival of liberation, a big drum up, lots colour, banners, flags, dancing in the street.

30A Creative Workshop will be in operation from Monday 1 August and right up till 30 August at STUCCO, 197 Wilson St, Newtown (close to Macdonaldtown Station and north King St)

STUCCO is a student housing co-operative and the residents there have kindly made availabletheir large common room.

We will working by day and night and weekends too, painting up banners, sewing up flags, printing T-shirts, making cardboard puppets and anything else that might make the 30A occupation of the Sydney Opera House forecourt artful, vivid, memorable and movement building.

So if you can wield a paint brush, operate a sewing machine, squeeze a squeegee, cut cardboard or be artful, helpful or entertaining in anyway, please rock up.

Come for an hour or two, a day or two or a week or three. Come make art that makes cultural movement.

For more information contact Graeme on 0407 951 688 graemedunstan@peacebus.com or Kris on 0431 370 148 anomicbomb@riseup.net.

30A Police Liaison

To ensure the "safe" part, Graeme along with Damien Lawson have been given responsibility for police liaison and they have met with local Area Commander, Superintendent Phil Rogerson and man of long experience in crowd management for crowds mobilised by protests and rock like in his steadfast commitment to protect our right of freedom of assembly and freedom of speech.

Superintendent Rogerson will hold the ultimate responsibility for the public safety of the event and he has made clear that his mission is to ensure safety for all - protestors, police, conference attendees and other visitors to the Opera House.

And there will be many of the latter because The Rocks/Circular Quay/Opera House precinct is a major tourism destination and is daily populated with young travellers.

The 30A Network have made it clear that we do not want to create confrontation with the police or obstruct the CEO Conference from assembling. We want to bear witness, peacefully and artfully, and we want Forbes, Carr, Howard and their guest CEOs to see and to hear us.

Going over maybe three nights and two days, the 30A mobilisation can be expected to have many different moods and many different flows of people, constant parade of the committed, the curious and the serendipitous.

30A Drumming Up Dissent

The 30A mobilisation will start with an exultant street carnival on the evening of Tuesday 30 August and likely become a carnival again each evening when the drummers reassemble.

To this end we put out a call to drummers.

Paul Barrett, drum master of the Samba Blisstras of Byron Bay has been invited to lead the drumming. Paul led the drumming at theIndependence from America Day rally in Byron Bay 3 July 2005. For photos go to www.peacebus.com/FourthJuly/DawsonPix2005.html.

Other photos below.

30A Outdoor Social Forum

During the day 30A mobilisation is expected to take the form of an outdoor Socal Forum, a colourful, multi soapboxed, multi themed, multi mooded SpeakOut - the old revolutionary days of The Domain and the Yarra Bank (Melbourne) rallies recreated with new life, in response to a new time and its demands and in another iconic space.

We are inviting different groups to set up speakers' corners the Opera House forecourt and Botanic Gardens adjacent. There will be many free mikes and talking circles forming and reforming and the opportunity for everyone and anyone to have a say.

If you want to set up a forum on any subject, go for it. The days may be themed on peace


Most of all we want the 30A mobilisation to be friendly and movement building, a place where people, old friends and those newly united in resistance, meet and stand side by side maybe just for an hour, or maybe a day, maybe a life time.

Any thing become possible when the truthful and the brave occupy public space and speak out. For certain our gathering will be blessed with auspciousness and cxhanges personal and social will come out of it.

When the truthful and the brave become visible and loud in their cry for peace, justice and the Earth, another world not only becomes possible: it becomes inevitable.

Graeme Dunstan

Peacebus.com captain, Graeme Dunstan, on the forecourt of the Opera House at sunset 2 June 2005

Correspondence and Media Releases

The website will endeavour to post all correspondence and media generated by Peacebus.com in association with the 30A police liaison and the 30A Creative Workshop.

16 May 2005

Mr Chris Allen
Head, Security
Sydney Opera House
The Rocks

Dear Chris,

30A mobilisation of mass dissent

Thank you for meeting me at such short notice on the Opera House forecourt last Tuesday 13 June to discuss crowd management of the 30A mobilisation of mass dissent that is being organised in response to the Forbes Global CEO Conference which will be hosted by the Opera House 30 August through 2 September.

Thank you too for affirming your commitment to our right of free assembly and free speech from the outset.

You stated that your first and primary concern is public safety. Mine too, short term and long term. This is our common ground.

As I explained the 30A mobilisation can be expected to be of the size and significance of the Melbourne 2000 s11 World Economic Forum blockade.

The factors that are similar are that: first, the mood of mass discontent is similar, back then it was (post) Kennett, now it is (present) Howard privatising public assets, pandering to the rich, waring with the poor, and denying environmentalism (climate change and so on); second, both will be responding to a focus created by a gathering of global corporate elite, masters of greed, war profiteers and their courtier politicians; and third, both will take place in iconic buildings at the heart of a city.

The major difference is that for the A30 mobilisation we are NOT talking up a blockade of the Forbes Global CEO Conference.

To the contrary we want the CEOs and their courtiers to gather and notice our dissent as we bear artful witness outside for peace, for social justice and for a sustaining Earth. We are committed to peace and aim to regain the peace with peace as our path.

To that end we aim to make the 30A mobilisation joyful, artful and safe and to this end we seek your cooperation and that of the police too.

We are planning that the 30A mobilisation take the form of a street carnival, a carnival of liberation with mass drums and flags that parades through the streets of Circular Quay from 5 pm 30 August and assembles on the Opera House forecourt for a big dance party.

We want to be a presence on the Opera House forecourt for the duration of the Forbes Conference and we want to organise this as an outdoor Social Forum with many speakers and many speaking forums, where anyone and everyone can give voice to their dissent.

I expect that like the Melbourne s11, over the two days and two nights, there will be continuous ebbs and flows of people and many changes of mood in the crowd. We can expect lots of street theatre, colour, drumming and movement.

My organising credo is that a "happy crowd is a manageable crowd" and I believe that if we work to keep the event artful and joyful, there will be no mass move to confront the CEOs, your security, or the police because the crowd will be happy and confident in itself. Certainly there will be no cause or excuse for the police to baton-charge the crowd as occurred at s11.

Far from alienating the tourists who daily visit the Opera House, I expect the presence of the 30A mobilisation will enhance the visitor experience, because many of this young travellers would be protesting similarly back in their own lands if Steve Forbes and his coterie of corporate elite had come to town there. You may be assured that the 30A mobilisation will be welcoming the participation of foreign travellers and likewise with patrons attending other events at the Opera House.

I look forward to further negotiations with you and the police in regard to crowd management. I appreciate that you and the police have lots of experience with crowds in The Rocks and at the Opera House and I am sure we will come to a win-win resolution.

For peace. For justice. For the Earth!

Graeme Dunstan


  • Being nomad and on the road, email is a much better form of written communication for me. Letters take a long time to find me. My email is graemedunstan@peacebus.com

  • There are two parallel organising websites for the 30A mobilisation: www.30A.org and www.peacebus.com/30A

  • Enclosed please find the A30 flyer that is now in distribution.

  • Also enclosed is a sketch of artwork for another flyer; this latter is to give you some idea of the sentiments aroused by the news of Forbes at the Opera House.


    11 May 2005

    Superintend Phil Rogerson
    The Rocks Police Station
    The Rocks

    FAX 02 8220 6344

    Dear Superintendent,

    A major mobilisation is now being planning to protest the Forbes Global CEO Conference, which will take place at the Opera House from 30 August next. See www.30A.org.

    Because the conference is being organised by prominent US neo conservative, Steve Forbes, and is being sponsored by a profiteer of the Iraq War, it is expected that the protest will rally both the peace and the anti globalisation movements on a scale similar to the World Economic Forum protest in Melbourne in 2000.

    I have been delegated to open police liaison for the crowd management of the protest.

    We are four months out from the event but the sooner we start talking the better.

    May I suggest a one to one meeting for openers? I am happy to come to meet you at a time convenient to you.

    You can call me on 4634 1287 or 0407 951 688 or email me on graemedunstan@peacebus.com

    May you be well and happy.

    Graeme Dunstan


    Subject: joyful, artful and safe
    Date: Tue, 24 May 2005 11:45:42 +1000
    From: Graeme Dunstan (graemedunstan@peacebus.com)
    Organization: Peacebus.com
    To: Phil Rogerson (roge1phi@police.gov.nsw.au)
    CC: Darren Boyd-Skinner (boyd2dar@police.gov.nsw.au),
    A30-Organising (a30-organising@lists.riseup.net)

    Superintendent Phil Rogerson
    Area Commander The Rocks
    NSW Police Service

    Dear Superintendent,

    Thanks for meeting with me last Tuesday 17 May and opening up liaison for the crowd management of the protest that is being mobilised in Sydney to greet the Forbes Global CEO Conference, which will open at the Opera House from 5 pm Tuesday 30 August.

    At this time no one can be sure what size crowd will rally in response to this self congratulatory convocation of global resource pirates.

    But given that the Howard neo-liberal anti-union, anti student and anti-poor political agenda will be speeding through a compliant Senate by then, we, and this includes protest planners, police and Opera House security, would be wise to expect a very big response to this opportunity to come out and express mass dissent and resistance.

    The first flyer for the event is downloadable from www.30a.org/index.php?option=com_docman&task=cat_view&gid=68&Itemid=40

    You will note that, in this flyer, is a call to "Converge on the Opera House. Assemble at Circular Quay at 5 pm"

    The 30A organising collective produced this flyer and publishes the 30A website (see www.30A.org). It is an informal group which is now meeting weekly and actively networking for mass participation in the 30A mobilisation. It was on their behalf that I approached you.

    By consensus the collective has left the assembly information pretty much vague. Before being more specific we want to negotiate with police an appropriate and safe way for managing a crowd which maybe as big as the 2000 Melbourne s11, the mobilisation for which was estimated at 20,000 over three days.

    We believe the Opera House forecourt is the best and safest place to assemble this protest. There maybe some groups that want to march there but in terms of assembly, the Opera House forecourt is best for us and may be for you too in terms of CBD traffic and transport management.

    Since speaking with you the collective has agreed to take responsibility for formally giving you our notification to assemble on the Opera House forecourt from 5 pm Tuesday 30 August and I am delegated to sort out the form.

    Please either email me a copy as a pdf file or mail me one at Studio 4/85 Kenwood Road Wedderburn 2560.

    On behalf of the organising collective, I look forward to more respectful, productive and inclusive negotiations with you as we move towards 30A.

    Our common ground is that we both want public safety, short term and long term.

    Throughout our 30A planning to date, it has been common ground from meeting to meeting that we want neither to blockade the Forbes CEO Conference nor to create riot.

    We want mass crowds to assemble and bear witness to a personification of a greed that is as criminal as it is global. Here assembled will be the leading creators of global poverty and profiteers of war.

    We want to make our dissent visible and celebrate our resistance.

    And most of all we want the event to be movement building for social justice: joyful, artful and safe.

    For peace. For justice. For the Earth!

    Graeme Dunstan


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